My Son Got His Mouth Washed Out With Soap Tonight And Got Another Spanking

My son was told to quit mouthing off to my girlfriend and he wouldnt listen so I got up and took him to the bathroom and washed his mouth out with soap and then I pulled his shorts down and only left his boxers on and I spanked him with my hand 25 times and he was crying and he apologized to my girlfriend so I feel that I am raising him the right way.
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How old is your son now? Is that the same way your dad spanked him and did your girlfriend see your son spanked me only heard him spanked? When he apologized was he in only his boxers or was he back n his pants? Was that the only spanking you have given your son?

Sounds painful

I remember one time I lied to my mother and disobeyed her by going off on my bike to places I was not allowed.<br />
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When she found out she sent me up to take a bath. She came in and washed my mouth out with a bar of Ivory soap while I sat in the bath tub. Then she got me out of the tub, dried me off and took me down to my room. She put me across her lap and spanked my hiney with the hairbrush for what seemed like an eternithy.

Thank you so much. Im sorry if it takes me awhile to comment back my girfriend just gave birth to my 2nd son today and he was stillborn. So once again please keep my family in your prayers as we prepare to barrie are baby. Thank you.

you are a very good father to teach your son to behave before it is to late. wish more fathers and mothers did the same . so many bad kids out in the world and all they need is some one to teach them right and wrong and what happens if you dont play by the rules. keep up the good daddy thing.

Thank you and he was told if he mouthed off again he was going to get a bare spanking and his mouth washed out.

Yes! you did a good by first letting your son know right away his behavior is unexceptable. I was raised by my mom she was a single mom and when she saids to do someting and I ignore or if I got mouthy she bared my bottom and spank me with a her hand if it was real bad she use a brush, or wood paddle then corner time. I get the soap treatment if I was mouthy followed by a spanking then corner.