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Got 2 Spankings In One Day

It all started when I mouthed off to my step mom yesterday she told me to do something and I said hold on and she said no I said right now well I came back with a really smart mouth remark and she got a belt and grabbed my arm and hit me with it 15 times and it didnt hurt like if my father figure would of done it. I just kept mouthing off after she got me with the belt so she called my father figure and he was at work on the army base and he told me to be in my room when he got home because I was going to get it with the belt. So I went up to my room and he finally got home and came into my room and he only let me stay in my boxers which are really thin and he told me to lean over my bed so  I did as I was told and he hit me 25 times with the belt. Then he asked me if I was going to be rude again today and to br a smart alec I said probably so he hit me 5 more times with the belt really hard and then he washed my mouth out with soap. Well let me tell you I havent mouthed off at all today.
Kaleb21 Kaleb21 13-15, M 7 Responses Jun 16, 2011

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C'mon now... it is a good thing you feel safe enough to express your feelings around your dad and step-mom. That being said, think, dude! I got away with my mouth most of the time (besides yelling). But you clearly don't. Some of my closest friends (close enough to be my siblings) were in the military, and trust me, running your mouth and annoying them is not a wise move. And I was just a friend/sister. Do you like testing your luck?

My little cousin and thank you sir :)

miss my brother who is the pic of you or your brother? cute kid!

Yeah lol

oh if only we would think before we speak the spanking we could have saved ourselfs. i remember when i was about 14 i told my uncle to f--k off and he took me to the wood shed and beat my bare butt with the razor strap i never swore at him or any one else for a very long time LOL

Yeah mine to

I remember one time when I was about 14 and my mom swatted me on the seat of my pants for saying something smart, and I told her she should kiss my a** not spank it. What I hadn't realized was that dad had come in the back door and heard me say it. After a trip out to the garage with my dad and the belt, which he gave a good work-out on my bare butt, he took me back inside to mom. She then washed my mouth out with soap, and gave me a bare butt spanking with the paddle. That cured my smart mouth for quite awhile.