Lessons Learned For All Concerned...

I was spanked the one time I smoked and I never smoked again. A friend of mine stole a pack of her Moms' cigarettes and then we went back in the woods behind her house and we each smoked two of them. We were in 4th grade at the time and I went home smelling like an ashtray. My Mom grilled me as to whether I had been smoking and I, as was my nature, claimed I had not. She smelled my fingers and they reeked of smoke so she knew I was lying. I had to tell on my friend because Mom asked where we got the cigarettes. She called my friend's mother and she got in trouble too.

My Mom told me that she was extremely upset with me for doing such a foolish and dangerous thing and she was going to make absolutely certain that I'd never do such a thing again. She and I were in the kitchen during this encounter and my Mom said "On top of your smoking Jennifer you lied to me about having done so. What happens to little girls who tell lies young lady?" I prevaricated, knowing full well what the penalty in my house was for lying. I said "A spanking Mom but please...I'll never do it again. Can't you let me off this once...I promise I won't do it again!". My Mom said "You're darn right you're getting a spanking but we do something else to punish liars too and I want to hear it from you!" I said "No Mommy...please. I don't want to get my mouth washed out. I didn't mean to lie....I was just scared...". Mom said "Whether or not you meant to lie or not doesn't change the fact that you DID lie to me and I don't put up with lying from any of you girls and you know that now come to the sink..." I was crying full force by now and walked like I was wearing lead boots saying "No! Please!" over and over again. I was commanded to open my mouth and my Mom rubbed a bar of Ivory soap roughly over my teeth. She let me wipe my mouth with a paper towel but I was not allowed to rinse my mouth out. I begged her to let me and told her how yucky it tasted and was told "Oh, I know it tastes bad. I want you to think about that and the bad taste a lie from your tongue is also...now we're going upstairs and I am going to spank your bottom!"

Mom took me by the arm, crying and begging the whole way, and led me to her bedroom. She told me that she was going to spank me real good and hard so I would learn what to expect if I ever even thought about smoking again. I was made to bring her her hairbrush from the dresser where the evil thing rested between visits to my and my sisters bottoms. I refused and had to be told that if I did not get it and bring it to her that I'd be spanked again for disobeying her. That got me moving and I picked it up and brought it to her. Holding that heavy wooden brush just elevated my terror level because touching it and feeling its weight and just knowing what it would soon wreak on my bare bottom was almost too much to bear.

I was told to bare my bottom and bend over her knee as she sat on the bed. This was my last hope of a reprieve (which I knew was a pipe dream but I had to try) and I wailed and begged and told her that having my mouth soaped taught me my lesson and how I'd be good and I promised to never, ever, ever smoke again. That got Mom to start the dreaded "three count" where I had three seconds to get bare and over her knee or accrue additional punishment. When she (or my Dad) did that then I set a speed record of lowering my pants and panties and bending over. This was almost a constant when I'd get spanked because I fought it every step of the way...every time. I was never one to just comply and say "OK Mom...give it your best shot!"

Mom walloped the stuffing out of me with that God awful brush and the spanking was punctuated with the already stated message "If (Smack!) You (Smack!) Ever (Smack!) even think (Smack!) about smoking (Smack!) Jennifer Lyn (Smack!) I am going to spank yo till you can't sit for a week (Smack!`Smack! Smack!.....). What seemed like an eternity passed, but in reality was perhaps a minute before the spanking was over, and I was allowed to rise. She stood me before her hopping up and down and clutching my poor scalded bottom as she told me that I was grounded for a week, to spend the rest of the afternoon in my room and being sent to bed right after supper. She then informed me that she was going to tell my Dad about it and see what he thought of the matter. I begged her not to and she said "Oh no dear....I'm sure your Father will want to know what you think you can get up to."

I waited with dread for a couple of hours till my Dad got home and it was just before dinner time. I did not know what he would do or when he might do it. I was called downstairs by him and he told me and my two sisters to meet him in the living room. He then proceeded to tell my sisters what I had done (which I'm sure they probably already knew) and said he was going to make me an example for all as to just what would happen if any of us ever touched cigarettes. He then took off his belt and told me to pull down my pants and bend over the back of the sofa. I said "Oh Dad! Mom already spanked me! I've already been punished Please!!!" His reply was the same thing "Pull Down Your Pants And Bend Over The Sofa!" I wisely shut up and did as I was told. He then whipped my bottom with a fury. Hard, fast strokes that I couldn't even count. If I had to guess I maybe got around fifteen and I was a blubbering mess...I let out what was basically one continuous howl through this. When he stopped he said "Are we clear on this Jennifer or do we need to continue?" I managed to choke out an apology and that I understood and that No!... I did not need any more swats. He then asked my terror stricken sisters if either of them had any questions or if they too got the message and in unison they said "No Sir! Yes Sir!" He then told me to get up, pull up my pants and that it was time for dinner.

It was pure agony being at the table and I in no way felt like eating. I asked if I could be excused and was told no. I was told that I had to eat my dinner and stop crying. It was horrible.

My friend asked what happened to me for it and I told her I was grounded for a week. I was grounded for a week, but what I didn't share with her was how I got my mouth soaped, my bottom blistered with Mom's hairbrush and then a further strapping from my Dad's belt in front of my two sisters so they would see what happened if either of them ever got to thinking that they could smoke. So he made my bottom smoke as an example.

My Mom would not allow me to hang out with this girl and I got spanked a few times for disobeying her because I stayed friends with this girl but I never touched cigarettes again in my life. I think it was a combination of not liking them and the memory of how badly I was spanked for the time I did smoke that kept me from ever going back.
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That was some spanking.....I don't know how I would have taken it. I tried smoking once and didn't get caught but I didn't do it anymore after I tried it because I didn't like it.

I didn't even try smoking until I was 18. Way past the age of being spanked and smoked occassionally when I was stressed and even then it was only half a cigarette to a full one.

Jenny, you received very severe punishment her for your smoking and also you lying. At my school in the early 60's girls were not caned but in many English schools girls could be slippered or even caned for smoking and indeed in many families they were spanked if not whipped for it. I also well remember cases of kids getting their mouths soaped for lying or using bad language. <br />
<br />
I often wonder what some of today's kids who hang around the streets, spitting cussing and smoking would make of things if they could be magically taken back to 60's values and parents who were stern disciplinarians but also very loving.

I have never smoked. My mother (who was a chain smoker herself) would have given me the hardest most painful spanking ever if I ever touched a cigarette.,so I didn't!

I had a similar spanking when i was caught smoking,i thinkit was the worst spanking i ever got & believe me none of them was pleasant,i was about 15 & i honestly thought i would never sit down again,my Dad spanked my bare bottom with a belt so hard it was the only time it left any marks,& then for screaming the house down i got a bare butt spanking from my mum while most of my brothers & sisters watched,i never touched cigarettes again.

That was an excellent story. Even though the punishment was severe, everybody in the house learned the lesson not to smoke or lie to your parents.

Yep...that was me...a red striped butted public service announcement! At least some good came of it I never smoked again and my two sisters were deathly afraid to try

that was a tough one, I remember a few of those during my childhood

This was a spanking good for you as well. LOL<br />
A punishment that has served to your health.<br />
And does not go up in "smoke", LOL.

My bottom sure went up in smoke!