Spanked By Sister, In Front Of Sister!

By the time I was about 14 years old, my parents would often take weekend trips and leave me alone with my two older sisters.  One sister was 18 and had just graduated high school, the other was 16.  For the most part, we got along pretty well, but being a typical bratty little brother, I'm certain at times I got on their last nerve.  I grew up in a pretty strict home, however, my parents never spanked any of us.  My parents were big on taking away privileges, with the worse being restricted to the home or yard for a week or two, depending on the infraction.  To a 14 year old boy, nothing is worse than having your freedom taken away.

On this particular day, I had just finished mowing a couple of lawns in the neighborhood, and came home to take a well needed shower.  Not sure where my sisters were at this time, but neither were home, so I ******** out of my dirty clothes in the laundry room and went to take a shower.

Just as I was coming out of the bathroom with nothing on but a towel, my older sister was waiting on me outside the door.  Just as we made eye contact, I noticed she was holding my pack of cigarettes that she had found in my jean's pocket while preparing to wash clothes.  "I found these in your pant's pocket," she said as she held up the cigarettes.  (I had always dreaded the prospect of my parents finding out that I was smoking.  I knew I would probably be grounded for weeks!  I just stood there stunned for a moment, as I tried to think of a convincing lie.)

Before I could even utter a word, my sister grabs me by the upper arm, and literally drags me down the hall into her bedroom.  Just as we entered her room, I noticed my other sister standing in the room as well.  I thought at any moment I was about to get a good scolding and thought for sure they were going to tattle on me when my parents got home.  Just as we got into the room, my sister swung me around by the arm and swatted me three times hard with her bare hand.  Fortunately, I had a towel covering my backside, and it didn't hurt at all.  But, all of this caught me completely off guard.  Again, I grew up in a non-spanking home.

And while it wasn't unusual to get a good scolding from an older sister, neither of them had ever taken control of me like this.

Just as I was about to argue that she had no business disciplining me like this, I felt her fingers grasp the towel and she ripped it from my now naked body and flung it across the room.  Instinctively I headed in the direction of the towel, but she still had a firm grasp on my upper arm.  As I tried to pull her in the direction of my towel, the other sister grabbed my other arm and helped restrain me.  I now feel three more hard whacks from my older sister on my now bare bottom.  And these were hard whacks, she really got my attention this time.

I remember saying, "You can't spank me!"  "You don't have any right to spank me!"  To this she responded, "Oh really, would you rather me tell Mom and Dad about your cigarettes?"  (With everything going on so suddenly, I could hardly think clearly.)  I certainly didn't want to be grounded by my parents for the next few weeks, but I was also completely humiliated at standing in front of my sisters completely naked.  Both of my sisters were very attractive, and looked mature beyond their years.  And like many curious younger brothers, I had often gotten a glimpse of their bodies in various stages of undress, but I had never been completely exposed for them to see.  And to make matters worse, and despite my embarrassment and fear, I was rapidly becoming completely erect.  To this day I can remember how embarrassed I was when the younger of the two sisters glanced down at my erection.  Of the two sisters, we were a little closer in age.  I have to admit, during my youth I was fascinated by watching her body mature.  By this age, she already had a mature figure, and being only a couple of years younger than her, I certainly didn't enjoy being naked in front of her with my not so completely developed physique. 

By this point, I was starting to realize that being spanked was a much better option than being confined to the yard for weeks.  But, I was going to do my best to beg and grovel my way out of a spanking if possible.

Before I had a chance to plea my case, I heard my older sister say, "Bend over the bed!"  As I look towards the bed, I noticed a neatly placed, thin belt.  I so didn't want to be spanked with this belt!  On the other hand, I was so embarrassed standing naked in front of them, at least once I laid across the bed, I wouldn't have to endure standing there any longer with a full erection.

Before I took my first step towards the bed, I felt my younger sister tug me in the direction of the bed.  As I started to lean over the bed, I felt my younger sister put her knee across my lower back, as she gripped both of my wrists.  I could see my older sister pick up the belt and fold it over   Just as she was about to assume the position to spank me, I suddenly lost my nerve and pleaded, "Please don't spank me, please don't spank me!"  To this my younger sister responded in an almost nurturing tone, "Take the spanking, you don't want to spend the rest of the summer in the yard do you?"  And with that, my older sister started swinging the belt.  (Apparently she was going to spank me whether I wanted her to or not.)  She started spanking me hard and fast with the belt.  I remember groaning out load from the pain, and almost squirming my way out from under my other sister.  My sister paused from spanking me for a second or two.  She told me to stay still or it was going to last twice as long.

She resumed the spanking.  Having never spanked anyone before, I suspect she had no idea how badly she was hurting me.  She was really swinging that belt fast and furiously.  I kept squirming and groaning throughout this ordeal.  She sounded so angry as she would often scream at me to be still.  But the licks just kept on coming.  After easily giving me 75 to 100 swats, she abruptly stopped, threw the belt next to me, and told my sister to deal with me as she walked out of the room and outside. 

I was determined not to cry in front of the two of them, but I was certainly sniffling some, and my eyes were welled up.  My younger sister released her grip on me and helped me stand up.  Honestly, I wish she had left the room as well, because after all I had endured, I still had a full erection.  It was so embarrassing as she knelt down to get a closer look at my badly bruised bottom while I was completely erect.  She gently caressed my bottom with her finger tips and suggested I take another shower.  This time, a cold shower!

I doubt anyone will find this very shocking, but I am now a 50 year old submissive male.  Funny how something so traumatic at the time, will shape you to crave spankings as an adult.  I have had many spankings and participated in BDSM play many, many times, and will share many other stories on this site.  However, I do have a spanking story that involves my younger sister as we were both grown adults.  It also involves consenting ****** between two adults.  If you are interested in hearing about it, please stayed tuned.  I will let you know when and where I have posted it.   With the ****** content, I don't think it would be appropriate to post it in a spanking only sub forum.     
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I wish my sister would spank me!

I wonder if this was the first of many spankings dished out by your older sister…on her own kids. Perhaps, your spanking was "trial and error" for a life long application.

Another thing my sister and brother in law had to do was bathe me when I was 18 because I broke a leg... So my brother in,law would hold me up and my sister would take down my pants and take off everything else. Then he would lift me into the tub and he and she would scrub me. It was so embarrassing being seen naked and being touched as a teen by your brother in law especially! Then I would go to sleep naked so that It was easier for them to bathe me every morning... And night! They were very worried my leg would get infected or something! Ugh.

When I was 12 my sister took control over me and I moved in with her, as she was 28, she spanked me quite a few times, wich hurt, but wasn't embarrassing... My brother in law spanked me and I almost died when he pulled down my underwear and saw my hairy *****! He pulled me over his lap,he then smacked me 50 hard smacks! Then he made me ***** fully and stand down stairs in the corner for an hour, then he took me upstairs, and said if I was gonna act like a baby he'd treat me like one! He then laid me out on the bed and rubbed diaper cream a lover my vagina, then he put a diaper on me and put me to bed for the rest of the night! It was so embarrassing! To this day. Can't look him in the eye! And I am 31!

Ouch. You had more control then i did. I would of took the punishment from my parents lol.

75-100 swats? Not likely.

Great story :)

I posted the encounter on this site at the "I Have Had ******" forum. It's titled, "After twenty years of teasing, my sister takes charge!"