My First Spanking - By The Headmistress

My first Experience Project post. In the 1970s, from the ages of 5 to 8 I attended a Catholic infant school near my home. It was small, four classes of about 100 pupils in total. The headmistress was a woman in her late 40s/early 50s who ruled with an uncompromising hand. She was sometimes "shouty" and had a scary demeanour. But, the rules were very clear and so were the consequences. There were only two punishments in use: being kept in at break time and corporal punishment - sometimes the two were combined.

By and large, corporal punishment meant a couple of sharp slaps to the back of the legs or the bottom. More serious matters were dealt with by the headmistress and involved a spanking: several hard smacks on the bottom. For boys this sometimes involved trousers being lowered. I never saw her raise a girl's skirt but punishment for girls was rare anyway.

Although I recieved several classroom punishments, I managed to avoid being dealt with by the headmistress until my last year at the school, aged 8. A girl in my class had been annoying me and I pulled her chair away from under her, leaving her in a crying heap on the floor. I wasn't an experienced troublemaker and did this in full view of the teacher. I was sent directly to the headmistress. The office was very close to our classroom.

Once I was in the office, she was sat behind her desk and delivered a "shouty" lecture about my behaviour and actions. it went on a while and I naively hoped that was going to be that. But, she told me to come round to her side of the desk. As I stood beside her, she reached over and undid my trousers and pulled them down. I was under no illusions now that I was going to get smacked. She took me across her knee and proceeded to give me a sound spanking across the seat of my underpants.

I was only occasionally smacked at home and that was usually just a single slap. This was my first experience of a proper spanking and I could not believe the level of the stinging. In due course, I was allowed up and she assisted with replacing my trousers. I had to wait, sobbing, while she filled in what I now know was the Punishment Book.

The headmistress' demeanour thorough the whole matter seemed cold and calm. Although it was an over-the-knee spanking, which I associate with loving parental punishment, she managed to do it in a formal manner.

Nobody said anything that I recall when I returned to my class. Although my bottom was sore for a good while, my overall concentration was not on the pain but the feeling of having been "a bad boy" - I was usually well-behaved and couldn't believe I had been formally punished.

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It seems strange that boys sometimes had their trousers lowered but girls didn't have their skirts lifted. At my schools it was the other way around, we almost always had our skirts lifted to be slippered or caned, even in 6th form, but boys (and 6th form girls wearing trousers) never had to drop their trousers.

I've heard the same from others but that's how it was. On those very rare occasions a girl was dealt with formally in the office, skirts may well have been raised.

When I was at school, we were no better behaved than the boys and were punished just as often. Although many other secondary schools discriminated against boys (or girls depending on your point of view), primary schools tended to be much more even handed so I find it surprising that girls were only rarely punished at your primary school. Was it discrimination or were the girls better behaved?

because teachers wanted to hurt boys but humiliate girls because they thought boys were tougher and girls were smarter?

I think they wanted to humiliate both but liked, or thought they could get away with, hurting boys as well.

some boys liked it :-)

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so how many smacks did you get?

We didn't have corporal punishment at school. But I did get a horrible spanking one day, it wasn't from a teacher though. It was from a group of girls who were in my year. I was only 8 or 9 at the time and they often picked on me. They took me to the far corner of the playground away from any teachers at lunchtime, there were 4 of them, I remember two of them had hold of each arm as he walked across the playground. When we got there Lynn, the most spiteful of the group, told me to take off my shoes, I thought they would just throw them in the bushes, I didn't know it was so they could spank with with my own shoes. They all took it in turns to whack my backside, it was not only sore but so very humiliating, other kids came running over to see what was happening, I had hoped someone would tell them to stop but all their faces seemed to light up with glee and they just encouraged it. Lynn was the ringleader and even now when I think of her I feel sick. She relentlessly bullied and humiliated me all through school. I would not want to do childhood again

I managed to escape CP at school,instead our parents were normally called or we would be sent home with a note stating how we had misbehaved,which our parents had to sign.You were very lucky not to get spanked at home,while i escaped it at school i more than made up for it when i returned home from school.Regularly i would go over my fathers knee & get my bare bottom spanked usually with a belt,if i was unlucky enough for him to be summoned to the school he would on occasion spank me there & then in front of the teacher & principal,this still involved me being spanked on the bare bottom but he would use his hand & he had big hands,i hated it.