My Big Brother Spanked Me Today

My big brother took me with him to the mall and his girlfriend was with him and  I was swinging my arms in the mall and he told me to stop because I was going to hit someone or spill something well I didnt stop and he said if you dont stop im going to spank you. Well I didnt believe him and I went and did it again so he told his girlfriend he was going to take me to the bathroom to spank me and she said ok so he grabbed my arm and took me into the bathroom and he gave me 15 hard spanks with his hand and he said now are you going to behave and I said yes sir. So we were walking out and he gave me 5 more very hard swats and said you better be. My face was so red.
Kaleb21 Kaleb21 13-15, M 33 Responses Jul 10, 2011

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Could you add me I'm not able to. But if u don't want to its cool its up to you

Wow de ia vu. But I am a girl

next time you get spanked try and wet your pants or cry and see what happens.

Madison19 whats with all the questions? you sound like a weirdo constantly asking if u can be spanked by his bro <br />
<br />
and Zyien that is an extremely accurate desc<x>ription about English schools although i dont agree that a state school's excelence is determined by where its situated. I went to an excellent primary school and then went onto a comprehensive secondary school and its was **** we got away with everything they had no control over classes or lessons. I think it depends of th teaching staff at the school and the state of the building (my secondary school was 50 years old and was falling down basically). And All comprehensive schools are non-selective ie. they'll let anyone in no matter hwat their ability or behaviour whereas grammer school you need to pass a test (11+) to get into. You also get specialist school like performing arts schools and music school, whose main focus is them subject you usually have to pay for these, however you can get a scholarship, which means its paid for you, however you then have to audtion for that after you have succesfully got into the school. And then you also get special needs schools (obviously for special needs students). Then you get behaviour schools (these are usually in more deprived areas or where behaviour is worse and theres a fear of a student being expelled). The student will go to this school 2 or 3 times a week and to a state school the rest of the time. Whilst in the behaviour school the staff will monitor the child's behaviour and pass on any ways in which the state school could try to better manage it. The child will also be taught how to control their behavior e.g. when they get angry go to a room to cool off rather than hitting someone. And also in this country if you start a college course before your 19th birthday you get the course free :). I didn't mean to say what you said was wrong Zyien it was the experience you had in Britain. Idk how long ago you left but education system here is constantly changing but this is what it's like atm where i live in England :) <br />
<br />
Wow i wrote a lot lol

Thats kool and thank you

Why did you kick him?

Because he wouldnt listen to me

hmm what is it like getting spanked by your brother? I wanna see, i want him to spank me.

have you every cried during a spanking b4? if so what was that one like? also why did your bro spank you 15 times? when was the last time you got a spanking, and for what?

Yeah ive cried before and I kept swinging my arms and he asked me stop and I didnt . 13 because of my age and 2 more for kicking him. The last time was yesterday for pushing my little brother down the stairs

have you ever cried during a spanking before, and what was that one like?

how does he let you know that your going to get a spanking? what does he say, does he yell before?

No he doesnt yell and he just says your going to get a spanking

ughh, i wanna be spanked by your bro....please?

oh. what was going through you head when he grabed you by the hand infront of his girlfriend? were you like oh crap hes gonna use his belt? and id still like to be spanked by him just to see how hard he hits.

Yeah but lukcily it was in a bathroom stall and hes like I cant use my belt in here lol

so whats something that you would have to do to earn a spank with the belt? and whats something that you would have to do to earn a spank with the paddle?

you said it depends on what you do if he uses his belt or the paddle? so like whats something you would have to do to get spanked with the belt? and whats something that you would have to do to get spanked with the paddle?

The belt is liking pushing my little brother,cussing,and mouthing. The paddle would be like getting brought home by the cops again,punching my little brother and yelling at an authoritive figure

what did you do to earn the extra 5 spankins at the end for?

stuck my tongue out at him

lol i do that all the time and it always restults in extra! glad to know im not the only one

have you ever said something to him while he was spanking you and gotten hit harder for it. or have you ever tried to block it before? and wow and 8, that has to hurt. do you think he hits hard enough to where he could make someone wet there pants?

No ive never tried to block it before because that means more licks with the belt or paddle and idk

Yeah normally he uses his belt or the paddle it depeneds on what I do he grabs my arm and spanks me and on a scale of 1-10 and 10 being hurts bad it would be an 8.

I wanna see how hard he spanks. or since you know you can tell me if he spanks hard or not?

he uses his belt normally? that would hurt:( did he make you bend over or anything or did he just hold onto you and spank you? and i want to get spanked by him so i can see how hard he spanks

were you scared when he grabed you by the arm and took you into the restroom?

Kind of because I thought he was going to use his belt

did you cry when you got the spanking?

No I didnt cry

thats not fair, I wanna be spanked by your bro


your brother spanked you?

your brother spanked you?

your brother spanked you?

No I dont like getting spanked it hurts im sorry but im not turned on by these things like you apparently are.

that was not very nice. so why did you post your story and you did not want back fee back

Sorry sir I was in a bad mood that day and I had no right to be so disrespectful once again im sorry sir

lets talk lets be friends

well I guess you want to get spanked otherwise you would have listened to him has he spanke dyou before

Yeah I should of been respectful to him though and listened to him

He didn't need to give you the extra five strikes; if my brother did this, him and I would have had a chat, and you can bet he would NOT HAVE LIKED IT......