Always A Red,sore Butt

My parents would never give us a second chance,no matter how much my two brothers & i begged or pleaded.If they said we were going to get spanked,we did,normally there & then wherever we were.It did'nt matter if we were out & there were hundreds of people around if we needed to be spanked we would find ourselves over the knee of one of our parents,normally our Dad & our bare butts would get spanked until it was crimson.Sometimes if all 3 of us were to be spanked at the same time we had to line up in front of our Dad & he would start with the eldest & work his way down in age,so i always was second.I always thought this was worse than going first or last,if you went first Dad was only just getting warmed up,if you went last he was easing off a bit,so going second meant you got the worse spanking,lol.My brothers could never see the logic in that.In one way i was lucky though,i always managed to avoid getting spanked at school,they did'nt spank girls much & only for really bad offenses,my brothers on the other hand often got paddled,which meant that when they got home from school they got another spanking,they thought this very unfair,i did'nt. I did on occasions get spanked more than once in a day,normally for answering back,i was a typical teen all mouth,nothing to say but i always said it too loudly.Frequently i would get a spanking from my Mom with her haibrush,which i hated,& as i got older i would always shout out some profanity or another as the hairbrush made contact with my butt,this meant that i had earned another spanking when my Dad returned from work,i would wait in my bedroom cursing my own mouth for getting me into trouble,knowing that my already sore red bottom would be getting more sore & more red,the wait for my Dad on these occasions would be horrendous & i would have tears streaming down my face the second i heard his boots on the stairs.Then i would get the lecture from him which i never heard cos i was too busy watching him take his belt off,how i wished his jeans would fall down so he would'nt be able to spank me,they never did,& he always did.He would ask how many times i had been spanked by Mom,iknew it was no use lying cos she had already told him & however many times it was he would double it.I knew better than to scream out anything when i was over my dads knee,it would only make him hit harder,so i used to try to hold my breath instead to try & focus on something else other than that belt hitting my butt.Because those spankings took place in my bedroom i was then made to go downstairs for my dinner,which i could rarely eat cos i was sobbing by this time,i could barely sit either & could'nt wait for dinner to be over knowing that i would be sent to bed where more often than not i would lay on my front & sob into my pillow.You would think after that i would've learnt my lesson,but no this was a regular occurance that happened at least twice a month.
Besides all of this though my childhood was filled with fun & lots of happy times,i always knew my parents only spanked us when we deserved it,& for our own good.They just demanded obedience from us,which was'nt a bad thing.To this day i'm still a Daddys girl & still love a cuddle from him,even though i know if i were to ever step out of line,even at 41 with kids of my own,he would'nt hesitate to swat my butt if he thought i needed it.
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i am against this education

Thank you for describing your spankings. I am always interested in what it is like for other girls.<br />

i hate waiting. I have had to wait the past couple of times and i though i was gona jus about die from havin to wait. im learning how to listen better and if I dont then learning its for my own good.

Wow great story thanks for sharing I enjoyed reading it. I was always spanked bare bottom by my parents and aunts and sometimes my parents ******** me completely naked before my spanking.

I was never ******** naked but our spankings were always on our bare bottoms.Even if we were out somewhere,&amp; it did'nt matter how old we were.

Sue,i know exactly the feelings you felt when you were waiting for your Dad,the anticipation was awful.This is a great story & it made me laugh in places,& so true to how many of us grew up.I'll be honest many a time as an adult my Dad has said to me,'Katherine,watch your mouth your not to big or smart to have your bottom spanked'. I'm under no illusion that he would either,lol.