Spanked By Grand Mom

when I was 5 years old. I was on vacation with my grandmother.

Mom drove me there and after we had eaten supper Mom said goodbye and reminded me that I had to behave decently and listen to what grandma says

so mom sent me into the living room with a small flap in the butt

at 8 pm came and grandmother said it was bedtime. so I was sent off in the bathroom when grandma came with my pajamas and a diaper because I peed still in bed at night

after I had gotten diaper and pajamas on. Grandma brushed my teeth and took me down to my room and put me to bed.
so grandma read a bedtime story before she turned off the light and said goodnight

when it was Monday the grandmother doing something paperwork so she put a movie on TV and found something lego which I could play with. She said I only had to play with lego and watch movies until she was finished, she sat in on her office.

while grandma worked bored myself out in the hallway stood a porcelain dog as I started playing, my pets and it went fine until I stumbled and lost the dog that broke

Grandma came out of the office and saw me and the dog destroyed and she became angry and scolded me out took me down to my room sat on the bed and said in angry voice that I had to sit and think about what I had done and how bad it was until she was finished at the office

since there had been 15 minutes grandmother came back to my room and railed again and said.
why did you not after what I said. I told you not to play with other things than the lego I had found, or see the film that was on TV because they were toys. the dog was not a toy and now it is destroyed you are very naughty.

and when you are naughty and not listening, you get a spanking

and so did Grandma and pulled my pants down put me over her knee and began to slap me

I cried and cried and after a few minutes she stopped to slap me and raised me up

she pulled my pants up again while I still cried and grandma said I could come out when I would behave properly

while I was in my room was my cousin helene also be on vacation and her mother. the grandmother asked where I was and grandma said I was in my room because I had been naughty and got a spanking

helene went in with her ​​things she would also sleep in my room I was happy to see her and we went out to grandma and aunt kaisa

she was just a cup of coffee inside she ran again and Helene and I started playing

since we had played and got dinner. then we saw a little TV after the half hour came grandmother and said now it was bedtime so we went into the bathroom when grandma came with sleepwear first got helene her nightgown on and while she brushed her teeth I got my diaper and pajamas on and brushed teeth

so we went to our room and we were laid in our beds and grandmother said goodnight and turned off the lights

We stood and talked and made much noise and grandmother came in said it was too much noise and we were quiet and sleep so she went by little we started playing and noisy and grandma came in a little angry and said now we should be quiet and lie us to sleep.

5 minutes later we were roaring again and grandma came with angry voice said

now to stop making noise and putting you to sleep if I should come back here to ask you to be quiet. gets a spanking

She closed the door but 2 minutes later, grandma again because we were not quiet, and said enough is enough. grandmother sat on my bed asking us stand in front of her grandmother said helene had to lift her night dress up. Grandma put helene above the knee and slammed her for a few minutes helene wept much. when she had got her spanking

Grandma took me to her Pyjama Pants pulled down and took the diaper of me pulling my panties up put me over her knee and began to slap me

since I had gotten a spanking earlier that day it was not long before I was crying. after I got my spanking I got the diaper back on and my Pyjama Pants pulled up again

while we stood weeping grandmother put us to bed and we cried ourselves to sleep
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I found out when I was bad my aunt would spank me. She made me wear a pair of my cousins panties then put me over her knee and pull down my panties. Then use the belt spanking my bottom until it was hot. What she did not know I could see under her dress. I could see her stocking tops and garters. Also between her legs as they spread while she spanked me. I could see her panties between her legs. I felt a bit mixed up. Getting a spanking which hurt but being able to see my aunts panties which turned me on!
I would get into trouble on purpose sometimes just to get a peek under my aunts dress.

That's cheeky!

Very nice story

You deserved that spanking.

Can you add me please

Can you addd me?

Wish all grand mamma were like that? did your Mom ever spank you too?

yes mum spanked me again when I got home

i gave my kids 1 warning to get into bed and keep quiet if they did not they got spanked as a rule they did as they was told

Spanking then was not only legally but also necessery because our parents would like to raise us to be good people.

Without Discipline their is chaos

there we those times growing up where a grandma or an aunt spanked. While we were visiting the family, they would often baby sit us so my parents could make the rounds to all the relatives. They often stayed out late and would not be able to keep us with them if they did. So we stayed with the grandma and aunts. If we behaved we got spanked on the bare fanny and later it was not with just the hand, it was with a belt or wooden spoon or even the hair brush. this period of time was from 5 to 9. When I became 10 it was the belt and the other stuff. Depending on who it was that was spanking, more then just the shorts and undies would come off. From 5 to 9 it was over the lap. After that it was in what ever position they wanted and not everyone did it the same way. Yes, there were times there was more then one spanking in a day. Thanks for the story.

A Sore Bottom was just part of growing up in the 1950s . Parents and extended family were much more Stricter .and it was Legal . the cane was used in all Schools and Approved of by Parents . some youngsters today could do with good old Fashioned Discipline . it did me no Lasting harm

i was often Smacked on my bare bottom as a youngster if i Deserved it by my Mum and Extended family . Smacking youngsters was Legal in the 1950s 1960s when i was growing up Parenting was much stricter and the Cane was used in Schools back then . i used to Stay at my Grandmothers house when i was a teenager . She had a variety of Rattan Canes .Like the ones used in Schools . if i did not do all the jobs i was told to do around her house Grandmother Caned my bare bottom hard . While i was in her Custody i had to behave mySelf or i would be caned across my bare bottom severely . i was often in tears . after Grandmother caned me she would hug me and say it was for my own good . i have lots of memories from when i stayed at Grandmothers house as a teenager .

interesting story. Did you get spanked later in life?

yes alot both by grandmom aunts and my own mom

yes me to NaughtyGirl .

Growing up my grandma spanked me often, when I was very young and my sister not older enough or busy to baby sit me, grandma take care of me, and she was allowed to spank me when necessary. She used her slipper and an old carpet beater, who has knowed very well mom's (and her sister) bottom. Despite her age she was a very strong woman, and can gave me some memorable hidings.

Most of my extended family Smacked my bare bottom as i was growing up . Even as a teenager it was Approved of . i was Raised very Strict in the 1950s and 1960s . My Grand Mother had a veriety of Rattan Canes she often used Across my bare bottom if i Deserved to be punished when i was staying at her house . My Grand Mother Continued Caning me into my 20s to Encourage me to do my best at everything i did in my Life

Two spankings in one daym, but each one well-deserved! I hope you learned your lesson and did not anger your grandmother again during your stay!

no I did not learn my lesson grandmom had both me and my cousin a couple more spankings during our stay