Mom Just Spanked Me???????

Mom just spanked me??
So I came home late like an hour from a party and when i come back she waiting for me and starts yelling at me. i tell her to shut up and she warns me that if i say it again i am in big truble. she then tells me to go to my room and i tell her to shut up and she grabs my wrists turns me around and kicks me in the right part of my butt!!! and then knocks me to the greound and kicks me left part of butt! Totally unfair. and then I slap her lightly arm becaue i am to old for that kind of punishment and she drags me to the chair and makes me bend over (she works out and is strong than me so i couldnt push her off!!!) and spanks me on the jeans like 8 times! i think this is totally unfair and totally unacceptable!!!!! shes such a b*tch!!!!! should i call police?????
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u got what u desrved u disrepected your mom n i can,t blame her for spanking u!Never too old for a good spanking.sounds like u got off easy some moms would of really spank u good n hard n taken your jeans n panties down n tan your hide for telling them to shut up!

Your mom shouldnt have kicked you, but you should have been spanked..

You should of had the slipper or cane on your bare bottom for being disrespectful to your mother. That is how I would of spanked you.

If you were my daughter you wouldnt be able to sit down if you behaved like that -how dare you raise your hand to your mother

Has everybody lost interest in this topic?

Here is one indication of the relevancy of my degrees and counselling experience for those who have questioned it. A number of years ago a teacher at our local high school made a report of suspected abuse to our county health and human services department concerning a student who had been spanked by his parents, and as it happened the family in question was part of one of my counselling groups. As is routine in that state, when such a report is made by a childcare professional, county hhs and the local law enforcement agency both separately investigate. In this case, however, both our local police chief and his family, and our county sherrif's department lead investigator and his family, were also part of the same counselling group and knew the family very well. To avoid any potential for a conflict of interest, the law enforcement end of the investigation was passed off to the sherrif's department of a neighboring county. The conclusion that both they and our county hhs reached was that the child had received a legitimate disciplinary spanking and there was no evidence of any abuse. As a result of the publicity over this investigation our school board voted to hold a training seminar to help faculty and staff differentiate between students who received legitimate punishment and those who were physically abused. They retained me to design and conduct this seminar, which I did in consultation with county hhs, local law enforcement agencies and my attorney. After several staff members of county hhs attended the seminar, they recommended that the other school districts in our county retain me to do the same, which 4 of the 6 did. Each fall for several years thereafter I held the same seminar for the newly hired teachers of those districts, and the associate who took over my practice when I moved out of the area continues to do so.<br />
<br />
I don't know what laws "ajett" thinks they know so well, but I have a very good understanding of the difference between legitimate disciplinary actions and abuse. Again I will say that the poster of this story did not say anything which would indicate that her mother's actions constituted abuse.

how poor you are bretney , I am so sorry .I think your mum did like this beacuse of her loving . Why ? she doesn't want to see her lovest daughter invoving in the wrong relationship in teenegers . I am sure it, That why , don't call the police . Remember Your mum has made u now . Mum is the most beautiful creature in the world .She always dreams her daughter will be the good daughter . You can warn your mum by hospitality way . For example , by knee in front of your mum and show her that you will be the hoping daughter . I think your mum angry will be melted.

I've already posted this comment in reply to another user's remarks, but I think it's worth repeating here. YES, I believe you should contact the police over this incident. Under the law, striking a spouse or child hard enough to knock them over is classified as domestic violence in most Western countries. Your mother not only knocked you to the floor, she also kicked you at least twice. Her actions were a textbook example of domestic violence. I know this for fact, because my ex husband was an abuser and he behaved in precisely the same way. You should seek advice on this matter, there are numerous women's welfare groups which can offer you assistance on this subject. Whatever you do, Britney, don't take this matter lightly, as it won't be an isolated event. Once the cycle of abuse begins it will only get worse. I'm speaking from personal experience here.

Once again KL02, this is absolutely false. Since the mother's actions did not cause any injury or leave any lasting marks, this absolutely does not meet the standard of physical abuse in any U.S. state.

A controlled kick does not have the potential to cause harm, and a parent administering punishment is not emotional abuse. As a matter of fact I do stay current on abuse laws throughout the U.S. and many other countries, and I regularly consult my attorney on these matters as well, as routine parts of my practice.

you were late, you told your parent to shut up, and you hit her. you got off light. most parents I know would make sure you were unable to sit for at least a day.

Did you stop and think your mum may have been worried about you.<br />
You answered her back and wonder why she punished you.<br />
Spanked over jeans! your mum is obviously far to soft with you.<br />
As aaad said a good thrashing with a cane is what you undoubtedly deserved.<br />
If your mum ever wants one i will be happy to send her one over free of charge.

yeh i dont think it was right for her to kick you at all. my mom would have spanked my butt waaay harder then what you got. my dad would have taken his belt and spanked my bare butt too if i aint come home on time.

ahh my dad would say your not too old for a good old fashion spanking. Yeah it was not right for your mom to kick you but my dad has whipped my bare butt WITH HIS BELT for staying out late at parties.<br />
Heck i will probably get strapped when he gets home from vacation next week because i actually had a party late at night. want to be friends?

bullgirl104 let be friends

lets me friends and we can talk. But you should have not talk back to your mom you should of said you were sorry for coming home late at thats it. What went on after that is abuse you are not a animal and that should not be done to animal either you deserved to be spanked yes but that on the bum with the hand not kicked.

Unfair, she should have done it bare bottom.

Britney you are A Very NaughtyGirl and Deserve to be Thrashed Severely . i Have A Thick Rattan Cane i Would be Glad to use it Across your bare Bottom Severely for Disrespecting your Mum . its A Trusted Traditional Method to Discipline Naughty youngsters . My Mum Took A No Nonsensc Approach When it Came to Discipline at Home When i was Growing up . its The Same Cane My Mum used Across My own Bare Bottom Severely . Respected Gent .Age 62 years young . .

My daughter got a good hiding recently for telling me to 'shut up'. She would also get one for coming home late & another for the answering back.Do as you are told & you won't get spanked.

she kicked and physicly overpowered you that is domestic violence and its going to get worse. you should go to the hospital to see if she left any bruises. if there are they are proof & you should go to the police and make a domestic violence complaint

Garbage! This girl misbehaved and got punished for it. People like you discouraging parental punishment do far more harm than the actual abuse that does go on.

anyone who thinks its ok to slap, kick or beat someone smaller &amp; weaker is supporting domestic violence.

It is necessary for a parent to punish their child when they misbehave. You don't have any idea what domestic violence really is.

Actually, she's right. Striking a spouse or child hard enough to knock them over is classified as domestic violence in most Western countries. This girl's mother not only knocked her to the floor, she also kicked her at least twice. That is a casebook example of domestic violence. I know this for fact, because my ex husband was an abuser and he behaved in precisely the same way.

Well I'm sorry that you were abused, and I'm sorry to disagree, but I'm a marital and family counselor and what this girl described in her original story does not meet the standard of abuse in any state in the U.S. In general, to meet the test of physical abuse, and act must cause injury or leave a lasting mark.

Please don’t attempt to pull rank on me, Jamie. As a former teacher, I know for fact that if I had ever pushed a student to the ground and kicked them, I would have lost my job, and both my school and I would have ended up in court. It would have made no difference whether I left marks, I still would have been in the wrong. Regarding your various other claims (8 college degrees, professional experience, research etc), perhaps you’d care to point us towards some of your published material. I for one would be very interested to see how your fellow academics reacted to your beliefs and assertions. One more thing, Jamie: having examined your profile, I’m prompted to ask; as a marriage counselor, do you believe that “wife sharing” and extramarital affairs are beneficial to any committed relationship? Call me a traditionalist if you wish, but I’d have great difficulty accepting advice from anyone who does, regardless of how well-educated they happened to be.

I said nothing about "outranking" you, and this writer is not talking about a teacher she is talking about her mother. I most certainly will not point you to any of my published material because I'm not stupid enough to reveal my real identity on a site like this. I don't need any crackpots like many of the anti-corporal punishment posters on here showing up at my office or my home. And as to wife-(or husband) sharing and extra-marital affairs, those are two totally different things. "Affair" carries the conotation that the other spouse is unaware and/or doesn't approve, or is in some way hurt by the relationship. Human sexuallity is a complicated field and doesn't necessarily fit into the neat pigeonhole of one husband for one wife. So yes, for those partenrs, married or not, who consent to non-traditional lifestyles, I support it 100%.

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No you should not call the police, you should call someone who will bare your butt and whip you with a belt more like 80 to 100 times - really hard. Do not ever stay out late without permission or at the very least calling home to say that you will be late - and if you do that, have a good reason. Do not ever tell your mom to shut up under any circumstances. Never resist punishment when you clearly deserve it. And for saying your mom is a b-word you should have your mouth washed out thouroughly with soap and have your bare butt whipped with a belt again. I was spanked by my parents until I finished college, and you are no where near too old for spanking!

You were in the wrong by being late in the first place. To tell your mother to shut up was immature and definitely wrong. Grow up......I agree 100% with det123. Sorry kiddo.

The police will do nothing. You are still a minor living under your moms roof and rules. If you were my child I would have grounded you. If you told me shut up, you would me eating soap standing up because your bottom would be to sore to sit.