Spanked At School = Spanked At Home

I always hated this one. I attended Christian schools throughout my childhood and they had no reservations about applying a few swats of the paddle whenever they felt it was necessary. For most of us kids, they were rather frequent. For me, I always dreaded them because my parents had an ironclad rule that they never deviated from. Any spanking at school was followed up far more severely at home. While the school limited themselves to I believe 5 swats of the paddle over clothes, no such luxury existed at home. I could always expect 3-4 times as many on the bare with the belt each and every time. Even worse was if I had done something very bad: cheat, talk back, etc. Not only would I get it at school, sometimes mom would give me a brief refresher when I got home followed by dad and the main event that evening. Needless to say I tried to stay on my best behavior when at school.
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I went to a public school in the 70's and had a few swats in the 8th grade. Definately a learning experince

i went to cathoic school my self an i can remember those paddlings i got in school i started getting paddle at age 7 an like you if i got it in school i got it worst at home for being punished in school

I've never liked the logic of having double or even triple punishment. I understand parents have the right to discipline their kids the way they want. I'm sorry you were disciplined so severely.