I Got A Spanking Today

I got a spanking today from my big brother because my dad isnt here because he left for Iraq yesterday so my brother is in charge of the spanking now because my step moms spankings dont hurt and she knows it. Well it all started when my little brother wouldnt leave me alone I kept telling him to get out of my room and he wouldnt and my big brother heard us fighting so he came up and said knock it off now or im going to spank you guys. Well my little brother wouldnt leave my room so I pushed him down the stairs and he hurt his leg so my brother fixed him up then came up to my room holding his belt and he said why would you push him I said because he wouldnt leave me alone he said hes 7 hes going to want to do everything you do he said you did the same thing with me and I never pushed you down the stairs. He goes lean over that chair so I did and he gave me 27 swats with the belt and he made me count each swat out loud. So after the spanking I went downstairs and apologized to my little brother and then I letting him hang out with me and my friends now. Im a horrible big brother arent I ?
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What would i get if I was swearing at you sir I am in boxers no pants only sir

Well that was wrong of you to push your brother I am sure you really did not want to push him down the stairs just to push him out of your room. So you got spanked for it and all is forgiven. But remember this your dad would not like to hear that you are causing trouble because it will just make him feel bad that he his not there its time for you to step up and become a helping hand to the family not the other way around.


For what?

your brother spanked you, did it hurt?

Thank you and im hanging in for my little brother and step mom cause I know its hard for them to

yeah, i know the feeling, he was gone for six months but it felt like forever just hang in there

Yeah I miss him already I cant wait for him to come home.

i know how u feel about the younger sibling thing, my sister's 13 months younger than me, i also know how u feel about ur dad going to iraq, my dad was in the Air Force and he went to Saudi Arabia a few years ago

Thank you Lexi. And yes Ma'am I deserved the spanking I could of just told my big brother but I didnt half the reason I did it was because I was crying and I didnt want him to see me crying because are dad left for Iraq yesterday and I didnt want to look like a crybaby in front of him. Thank you for the advice on doing something with him I took him to the ice cream parlor around the block just the two of us and bought him a shake he loved it and I know are dad leaving is hard for him to. Thank you again. Sincerly Kaleb

No your not... i have shoved my sister down the stairs too, expect I was 7 and she was 2 at the time, Erica wasn't hurt but, my dad spanked me really hard.<br />
You know about my sister and how she acts 3/4 of the time, me and her physically and verbally fight all the time and i don't consider myself a bad sister.<br />
Don't worry you sound the the best and kindest big bro i have ever heard of....... well next to my big brother Tyler lol. Lexi.