When Was Your Last Spanking (age) And What Was It For?

My last one...I was 17.

I went to a hgh school grad party and my parents found out I drank a beer, OH NO lol. I got the my butt smacked a few times on the way to the car...and I got the belt at 7pm, 15 swats, 9pm, 15 swats, and at 10am, 30 swats. I didn't sit for the whole weekend. Getting my butt smacked on the way to the car was the most embarrassing.
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mine was when i was 19 and my mother caught me coming in from a date and i had not worn a panty girdle...one of her rules for my sisters and I. I guess she thought it would stop us from having any kind of sex. anyway, without a word she went into her room and came back with the leather strap she had always used to spank us. I had to pull down my pantyhose and panties and bend over a chair. She rally laid it on me. I got about 20 very hard swats. I wore a panty girdle on my dates after that because i knew she'd whip me again if she had to

last time i was spank by parents i was 19 came home drunk i got if when i got home in frontof mom dad an got aother the day after dad didnt think i owuld remember it since i was drunk<br />
me to did not sit whole weekend

My mom gave me the hairbrush right after I turned 13.<br />
<br />
It had been over two years since she las spanked me and I kind of figured spankings were over for me. One afternoon we got into a big argument and I went a little too far in telling her that I was sick and tired of having her tell me what to do and that from now on I would doe as I damned well pleaed.1That was the straw that broker the camel's back.<br />
<br />
She went to her room and got the hairbrush and I started to back away. She said if I didn't cooperate with her she was going to call my dad and have him come home and give me a lickin' with the strap! I didn't want that and figured now that I was a teenager the hairbrush wouldn't hurt that much anyway. Who knew?<br />
<br />
She unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and in a New York minute I was laying across her lap. She grabbed y hand so I couldn't block the spanks and locked my legs iin between her legs. The first spank with the brush sent me into a howling mode. The hairbrush still hurt - even worse than I remembered from a couple of years ago. She was a very rapid spanker and the brush kept on coming and coming. I was bawling like a baby.<br />
<br />
When seh finally stopped I was a mess. I remember her telling me to remember that she was still the boss around here and not to forget it or she wouldn't hesitate to give me the hairbrush again.

My last one was at 16. I probably would have gotten more but I moved out a month later

She was beyond mad she loved those shoes.

She was beyond mad she loved those shoes.

I was 15 and like everyone else I got drunk with some friends and they didn't know we were drunk till my best friend who shall remain nameless through up on my moms brand new designer shoes.

Oh man.... yeah i know how mom can be with new designer shoes

It was my 18th birthday and for the same thing...coming home drunk.

Huh so you just drank 1 beer, read my story "Don't ever drink until your of age:/"