Spanked Twice For The Same Offense

This morning I woke up kinda grumpy and I back talked my mom so she grounded me for the day. Well he had gone shopping for the day and Clay (my stepdad) was at work this morning and didn't know I had been grounded. So my mom left and I asked him if I could go to my boyfriend's house. He said yes and then went to bed because he had just worked a night shift (he is a police officer). My thoughts were that I would go to Jake's house and come home before my mom ever got back. Well of course, she decides to come home early. My cell phone rings and I saw it was her and I knew I was caught. She demanded that I drive home instantly and park in the garage because I wouldn't be driving for a long time. I got home and she immediately pulled me over the kitchen table, pulled my shorts and panties down and tore my butt UP. She probably gave me 20 licks. It hurt super bad but not even close what Clay's belt feels like. It really just surprised me me because my mom hasn't spanked me since I was like 12. I didn't get spanked at all from then until almost 15 when my stepdad started spanking me. Well anyway, the commotion of my spanking woke Clay up and he came down stairs. My mom told him what had happened and he was so mad at me. He felt like I had lied to him since I asked him if I could go even though my mom said no. So he then sent me to get his belt and go to my room. He met me there a few minutes later and pointed to the bed. I pulled my shorts and panties down after I laid across the bed. I got 15 licks with the belt all over my butt and upper thighs. 15 might not sound like a lot but it was with a think leather belt and I had just gotten 20 licks with the wooden spoon. My butt hurts SO bad.
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That is not being spanked twice for the same offense, that is being spanked once for breaking grounding and once for lying to your step-dad. I was spanked by both parents until I was almost 24 (right before I got married the first time) and I would have gotten a lot more in a similar situation (did get a lot more a couple of times, come to think of it), and I certainly would have punished you for both offenses separately.

yes your Right i Agree .

My Mum Disciplined Me Until i Left Home Age 23 . ALways Strapped Across my bare bottom .

Hey @smackedboarder, do over the knee spankings hurt any more or any less? I've never been spanked that way that I can remember. When I was younger I was usually spanked over the edge of the couch because almost 99% of the time my big sister/best friend was getting it with me. Now my stepdad can't spank over the knee because I am a 6 foot 2 in and 160 pound high school athlete. I'm not exacty easy to hold down lol.

I would have given you 40 to 50 with the belt.

yes me to More was Needed

I know what I did was wrong but I don't feel like I deserved more than 2 bare spankings. And @smackman59, I find that very creepy....

you Got Punished and Deserved it . your Parents have my Respect .

That must hurt SO much! I wish I was there to rub some nice cooling cream over your poor little bottom - then it would be ready for a hand-spanking over my knee later!

That must hurt SO much! I wish I was there to rub some nice cooling cream over your poor little bottom - then it would be ready for a hand-spanking over my knee later!

My sister pulled a similar stunt it ended the same way my mom got her point across with my sister's butt.