I Was Observed During My Spanking

When I was about 12 to 17 years old, I visited my aunt quite often and even spent several weeks with her. She got from my parents permission to discipline me whenever she deemed it necessary, she was even encouraged to do so by them. And she did! Whenever I did anything wrong, she used the chance to spank me. I always had ambiguous feelings on that. On one side it hurt, on the other side it gave me a strange, tingly feeling to await and to receive the spanking, so basically I did not object to these spankings, but even provoked them . I often got an erection, when I thought about a spanking having been announced by my aunt, and eventually wanked. During the spanking I also had an erection, if the whacks hurt not too much. To be aware of my bare bottom being offered to my aunt, who could do whatever she wanted with my bare bottom, was so arousing.And she enjoyed it! She took a long time to carress my buttocks, to pat them , let them wobble and observe the wobbling cheeks. What made the spankings so exciting to me was the fact that I was told to take hold of her thighs during spanking, to avoid falling down from her knees.So I reached behind me and took hold of her chubby, satiny smooth thighs, and I used the opportunity to knead and carress these heavenly thighs. So I could not avoid to ********* , while being spanked, shooting my load on the inside of her delicate upper thighs, from where it dripped to the floor. She did not care about it, but simply told me to wipe it.
I was always spanked in the living room, and the curtains were sometimes closed, sometimes a little bit open. One day, when I was lying on my aunts knee, awaiting my spanking, while she prepared me and herself by stroking and fondling and patting my buttocks, I saw somebody outside, behind the fence, looking into the living room. It was a girl, passing and then returning, and then staying there. Apparently she realized, what was going on in here. She stayed there, until my spanking was over. Knowing to having been observed during my spanking aroused me extremely, and I wanked afterwards in my room like mad.
Three days later I was for another spanking, which I got, as normal, at about 9 pm, just before I went to bed. Again she showed up, and we had the same game.
When I got my next spanking about three or four days later, I opened the curtains wider, to enable a better sight for her. And she was there again. Next time then I opened the curtains completey, and even opened the window, to make sure she could hear the whacks. Afterwards I went to my room, which was adjacent to the living room, and wanked. I had light switched on, and indeed could see her outside, looking at me in my room. I wanked, standing in front of the mirror, looking at the marks on my bottom and feeling them up, and finally shooting my ***** across the room. This was extremely exciting to know to be observed wanking.
Many years later my aunt confessed,  that she has been adressed by the girl about my spankings and that she always informed her, when I was about to get spanked. I had never contact to this girl, who was about 5 years older than me and 5 to 7 years younger than my aunt. I suspect my aunt, who was not married, had a sexual relation to her, but my aunt never talked about that.
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That is a very nice memory for you. I hope you will cherish it forever. I wish I had an aunt like that!

If I'd been that girl, I'd have watched, too! Pity your aunt didn't invite her in to spank your naughty bottom as well!