Missed Curfew

I went out tonight with my girlfriend, we ate dinner and just walked and talked for awhile. I lost track of time. I missed my curfew by a little under 2 hours. When I noticed the time, I was rushing home. When came home my dad was waiting, he opened the door up before I had even got my keys out of my coat. He just say do you know what time it is, I said yes sir and before I knew it I was over the side of the couch and my dad's belt was out. Got my butt whipped for being that late, maybe like 10 or 15 swats. I was trying to tell him that I had just lost track of time, but he didn't even care to hear an explanation from me. So in the end I just gave up and whined a sorry and I'd watch the time better, just basically to end the belting I was getting.  He just yelled at me to get upstairs and go to bed.

Though the belting wasn't the worst I have ever gotten, still hurt enough not to be sitting right now. I think though I was wrong for being late, he should have at least heard me out first.
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Walk a mile in your Dad's shoes. He was worried. Perhaps he felt strapping would bring the point home!

Yeah maybe he thought that, since then still hasn't made me never miss a curfew

I get my butt whooped for being late too. I hate the belt I think its mean.

I feel the same.

you were lucky to get away with 10-15 swats.<br />
I get more for 2 hours, that's a huge delay.<br />
But I'm sorry that you got spanked.

He should try to understand you a bit more.

That would be nice, won't count on it too much though

You could have phoned, Your Dad worried. You deserved "hot buns"

I don't think I deserved it, but yes I guess I could have called when I realized how late I was.

I definitely agree with you this time. You should have been back on time but I can't see you getting the belt for this.

I'd think I should have gotten it either! But my dad just says "you know what time to be home, follow the rules next time". I think a grounding or something would have worked just as well.

Sounds horrible...hope you keep track of time next time

Yea he should've listened to you first it's funny how parents say everything they say go in one ear and out the other I think that happens to parents when kids are trying to apologize and parents just don't listen my mom and dad never did.

You are right and it's annoying that they don't listen.

that's nuts! My dad expects an apology but its normally a forced one that I didn't mean. So whats the real point I think.