I Got Spanked As A Kid

My Dad would spank me every time I cried. So I stopped crying when he was around. I got angry instead and just threw things around.
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4 Responses Nov 26, 2011

i was spank alot growing up mom most an dad
hairbrush an belt spankings

I would be asked if I wanted more spankings when I got spanked so hard by my foster dad.

same here , now i have roblems with expressing emotion :o( both mum and dad were the same , if it was a slap 4 cryin it was " why u crying!! harden up!!" etc , i feel like a stone and dont know how 2 release my emotion :o(

And he didn't spank you for throwing tantrums? Sounds like your dad had issues.

My Dad drank alot. the only time he didn't drink was when he was working!