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Mean 2nd Grade Teacher

So I was in 2nd grade of course as the title says I was in this class that I didn't like I didn't like the kids or the biased teacher I will never forget that teacher's name his name was mr.Mayfield and early in the yr my parents got into with him but he just didnt like me at all for some reason that I still don't know till this day but one during school we always talked as a class at the end of the day because he would let us and so we were talking low and not to loud to not disturb other classes so as we were talking we got graded in our folder Monday through Friday and I always had A's and B's so he called me up and he put a B in my folder and I was happy and excited so right before the bell was about to ring everyone started talking louder and was one of the lowest talkers and he pulled me out of everyone and pulled out my folder and changed my B to a D and long story short I got 2 spanking and after I told my parents even though I was crying so much and they had a talk with our school principal and got him fired
Shortie19 Shortie19 18-21, M 3 Responses Nov 30, 2011

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I am not sure why you got spanked or who spanked you, but I am sorry it happened. I am glad the teacher was fired.

My teacher in kindergarten is the most horrible person I met.
She lift boys by their feet and girls by their hair, and pull them out of classroom and let them stand for whole class time.
She growl like a mad dog, typical big volume
She force a kid to eat food on the ground like a dog
.....despite these things. She never got fired, She's the nightmare for all her students now grown-up.

He SUCKS! You didnt deserve that ESPECIALLY you were the LOWEST talker. Bull...but my parents would have did the same. once i told them i had a D they would haved spanked me before hearing what i had to say