I Wish

I wish that that's what it was but it was so much worse. I can't even say I was beat because it still was worse then that. No hands were ever use except for once. I had more logos on my body then a store front window. Anything you can think of I got hit with it. Spanking sounds so much better then any of that. It's probably less painful then a frying pan and stick.
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sounds Not fun

im so sorry hun no child should be beaten. being spanked bare bottom by my mom for every thing i did hurt alot specially with my mom. you wouldnt be done till your bottom was fire engine red and i was bawling. she always spanked me out of love.<br />
to use frying pan is plain abuse im sorry you had to endure that kind of treatment hun. <br />
if you want<br />
to talk email me im a good listener.

hey dear GOD BLESS you you are very strong you remind me of me theres so much we go through in live theres so much pain and heartache so much abuse but i truly thank GOD now as i look back over my life cuz JESUS healed and deliever me and i now know that theres a reason 4 everything that i went through and now i can help someone else who mite be goin through the exact same thing or if its something else dat dey mite be dealing with i know that i can help and that i got something 2 offer so you be encouraged and continue 2 stay strong

I cannot imagine having to go through something like that. You are so strong to make it through, though I doubt you'll ever be over it. I forget how good I had/have it. Hopefully you are away from your parents now and moving on best you can. And you know you'll be a much better mother than your own... you know not to hit with an f-ing frying pan... know what it does to a person. Please take care and maybe find someone to talk to. I'd suggest therapy but know not everyone is comfortable with it and/or cannot afford it. Don't know what your situation is but I do wish for the best for you. *Hugs*

Thank you. I did get over it. Though it was hard I learned though, even though that's not the way to teach a child discipline. I laugh at it now. There wasn't too much of an emotional scar from it. The only bad outcome was I turned out a little violent and angry. But I can manage that very easy. Thanks for commenting and caring.