I Was Spanked

This is my first story here. I was spanked often as a child, up to the age of about 14 and by my mom. Most of them were with a belt, though I remember someother things when I was younger, and usually bare bottom unless my sister was watching. Most were probably 5 to 10 whacks with the belt. I think spanking can be a good means of discipline but don't think it should be extreme or humiliating. It also matters if you get a lot of love and support otherwise. I know I prefered it to any kind of restriction. And I do think many kids today need more discipline. I am glad to talk with people so you can send me a message or whatever (I am new at this lol)
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Sounds so familiar to me. My mom used the hairbrush on my bare hiney but we were always given lots of love and support.

Would you bare your bottom or would your mother do it? In my case my mother would always take my pants and underwear down.....VERY embarrassing!

Mainly from what I remember we would have to pull down our own pants and underpants. There may have been times when she pulled them down, especially when we were younger, but mostly I remember the other

I always wonder why some parents do it for you and others just order you to take them down.

I think 14 or 15 is a good time to stop spankings. Mine stopped when I was 2 months shy of 16 and then groundings and taking away car and other privliges were taken away and that worked for me. What was your last spanking from mom for and did you get spanked on the bare bottom or over boxers or with all clothes on? How did you feel when you were spanked at ages 12-14?

Growing up I was never given the choice of another form of punishment, but if I had I believe I would have preferred to take a spanking. It was quick and it got it over with.

I was a problem child growing up I was rude to my parents was very bad in school always getting in trouble and getting detentions my grades were poor I didn't do anything my parents asked of me as far as chores I was always up very late and never woke up when I should and my patents never once grounded me or spanked me now as a adult I have issues with authoeity have trouble getting up on time for work am always picking fights with others just a very stuborn person. I wish my parents had spanked me i would be a much better person now but instead I realized I needed to do something about it and i have a mentor I call him dad I love him like one and he doest think twice about spanking my bare bum when I misbehave and I have gotten better since it has started but im still so stuborn I just wish i was disiplined growing up it would have been better for me and my parents

I was exactly the same way after age eight or so... though I didn't really get in trouble with teachers in school. It was bad study habits, lying at home, extreme sassiness... tantrums way too late into life. After eight I was never punished again. But I knew I wanted spanking to be part of my life. Sought it out once I was old enough for it to be legal and have been getting 'help' ever since. I've traveled throughout the country for college and internships so have had multiple disciplinarians. Most good... two (husband and wife couple) horrible. But I have made huge leaps and bounds since I've had spanking in my life. I wish my parents had started when I was little and kept it up. I never would have accepted it from them as discipline had they offered it to me when I reached high school. By that point I didn't trust them to handle my discipline, spanking or not. I went through a really rough patch... angry patch... where I resented them for not supporting me in my youth but we've talked a lot, I've counseled, and we're closer now than we've been in a loooong time. (Which is good since I'm living at home right now lol) Anyway, this is a really roundabout way to say that I definitely believe spanking can be good if it's done with love and support and not in anger. That's the key... not reaching out and just smacking because you're frustrated. That's one of the things that will make me the angriest anymore. Seeing parents just reach out and whack without calming down and doing it rationally.