Last Spanking

The last and worst spanking I ever got came when I was sixteen. I had been out with some friends on a Friday night and we were drinking. I got back to my house about an hour after my curfew and tried to sneak in with my girlfriend. Little did I know my dad was waiting up for me. As soon as I walked in the house I could hear him ask "A little late?"

I was still pretty drunk, so I just made up some lie about how my phone died and I didn't realize what time it was. He could tell something was off so he came a little closer and instantly smelled alcohol on both of us. I knew he would be upset about me drinking because he has caught me before but usually just took away my car or grounded me for a week or two, and I was trying to sneak back into my house and upstairs with my girl friend which was against our house rules. But I never thought he would be this angry. He asked me if I had been drinking and of course in my drunken rambling I said no not at all we just hung out at Jimmy's house all night. My dad then just grabbed my shirt and pulled me really close to his face and in a very deliberate voice told me not to lie to him. I finally admitted that I had a few beers but it was no big deal... clearly I was wrong. What my dad was most angry about was that I drove home. I again tried to lie and say that my girlfriend drove me home, but he didint buy that because he said he saw me get out of the drivers seat and she was also drunk. He started to flip out and told my girlfriend to call her parents to pick her up. I tried to make up some story about her parents being out of town and that her brother would come pick her up, but again my dad didint buy it. Finally she called her dad and he said he was on the way. My dad told us to sit in the living room and wait and when her dad pulled up my dad ran out and told him what we were doing.

When he got back in the house I flipped out on him and got in his face. (It's amazing how tough you are when you are intoxicated) my dad simply pushed me down and said the smartest thing I could do at that point was to go to bed. Finally i decided that was probably a good idea and I went upstairs to go to sleep. Next thing I knew it was 6am and my dad was in my room. He told me to get up of course i resisted and he pretty much just pulled me out of bed. He told me to get dressed and go outside to cut the grass. At first i thought this was going to be my punishment. My dad used to make my brothers wake up very early and do manual labor when they came home drunk. So I went outside and started cutting the grass. I didint even realize that my dad had left with my car, and my mom was following him. I got done mowing the grass and I was really not feeling well my parents got back and I asked them where they were. My dad told me we needed to talk. He led me into the Kitchen and told me to give him my phone. He then explained that he had put my car up for sale and that I would be without a car until I graduate because I "couldnt handle the responsibility." I started to flip out and cuss at my mom and dad. Finally my dad got upset told me to go up to my room and wait for him, and that he was going to teach me some respect. I of course argued some more and got in his face. Forgetting how strong he was my dad grabbed me by my shirt and started dragging me up stairs. We got into my room and he threw me down on the bed and told me he was going to get a belt and that my pants better be down when he gets back. I said nothing when he came back in he told me to drop my pants and lay on the bed. I tried to apologize for acting like I had and told him I would behave from now on, but he was having none of it. Before I knew it my dad had me by the back of the neck and shoved me down on the bed and removed my pants and boxers. I had not been in this position since I was about 12 years old. Before he started in on my but he started to go over all the things that I had done to deservere this. He goes, "you were drinking, you were past your curfew, you were drinking and driving, you tried to sneak your girlfriend into the house, you tried to lie to me, you tried to argue and cuss at me, and you have been nothing but an ungrateful disrespectful brat to your mom and I."

Then the talking was done and I felt the first whack on my but I tried to move around but he had me pinned down pretty good and just kept swatting away one after another hitting every square inch of my *** possible. He must have given me thirty swats or so before he even paused. I was praying that he was done and begging and pleading. He went on to lecture me some more about how I needed to learn that I was not in charge of things and about how irresponsible I was. He then kept on swatting my but probably another twenty or so times. I felt so small laying there unable to do anything about it just crying like a baby. Finally when he told me to turn around and sit up my but was on fire so bad I didint even care about being completely nude from the waste down.My dad made me hug him and said that he was not happy that he had to spank me but that he did what was necessary. At the time I hardly saw how it was necessary but I understand now what he meant. I had a new found respect for my parents and never drank and drove again. My dad didint actually sell my car he took it away for 2 months and gave back once I was ungrounded.

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That had to teach you a lesson. At least mom was not around to see this spanking. Had she seen you spanked before after you reached puberty and had hair down there? Are you from UK or USA?

Yes my mom has spanked me after puberty it was even more uncomfortable than usual.

what age did mom spank you after puberty? Are you from UK or from USA? Whats difference in spankings mom gave?

your Daddy has my Respect . i hope he has yours NaughtyMan . The best Parents are caring but strict and Loving . Without Discipline their is CHAOS .

Yes he absolutely has my respect I know its not easy raising 5 boys, but he has done as good of job as anyone

The Greatest Respect is Deserved for keeping 5 Boys in Line . its not easy Bringing up 5 youngsters

Something very similar happened to me when I was nineteen. I came home drunk and got the belt for it the next morning. That was the last whipping I ever got and it was years later before I could really enjoy drinking again. For a long time I associated any form of alcohol with having a sore butt.

Yeah I don't think I drank for about a year after that until I went on spring break with some friends senior year of highschool. Now that I'm in college my parents don't seem to care as long as I always have a sober ride. I was home for spring break last week and my dad even gave me cab money before I went out.

If I'm in your place I won't accept his money. Once I get into 18 I leave that house I find my job and get into collage. I live separated from my parents.

it did you some good then . making you think about your drinking . and it stoped you being Stupid with Alcohol

You deserved a spanking for all the rules you broke. What happened to your girlfriend?

She got grounded for about a month or so and her parents told here she was not allowed to associate with me. We pretty much broke things off after that.

i am sorry you lost your Girlfriend .

Thanks, it was not that bad we had only been dating for a few weeks anyways, one of her brothers tried to fight me about a month later... just not worth the trouble

Mogy18 .you Deserved to be severely Punished

Sounds like you had a good dad (and mom) there. You needed to be held accountable for sure, and they did that. I bet the scare of not getting your car back, even for two months, helped as much as the nasty spanking! I honestly think they would have been within their right to do it too... but they obviously saw the turn around in you and I deeply believe that deserves reward. :) Thank you for sharing this account with us.

You seem to know that you got what your deserved from a father who didn't want a dead son at seventeen. That lesson should hold good for you for your lifetime. I know when I got it at seventeen, "My First Real Discipline at Age Seventeen" I never forgot it and never drank and drove again. Your story was well written. Describing how that belt feels and the associated pain and fears is always a writiers challenge. Check out my other stories too and let me know what you think. I'll try to add you as a friend, if I've got this system figured out.

I deserved what punishment I got, and my dad said had I not been so defiant about everything I would not have been spanked but he was tired of me being disrespectful. I had gone a few years since my spanking before that

i don't agree with your dad's action.He can advice you. He no need to take harsh action like this.I really don't agree when your spanked your little brother for his grades.Did your dad still spanking you and your brother?

What did you think of my spanking eperiences at ages 17 and 18?