Bad Grades

In the 6th grade my teacher got the bright idea to send stacks of graded papers home with us to be signed by our parents, so that they could see not only the grade, but what all we actually did on the test or report or whatever. My grandmother, who raised me, thought this would be a perfect opportunity for some motivation to succeed in school. She determined that I would get one lick with a belt, bare bottom, for each F in the stack. This happened every 6 weeks. As I was a bit lazy in school, I don't ever recall not getting a whipping for grades that year. The most I recall is 22 licks, and the least was 6, so I guess it was having the desired effect.

She always used the same belt, which I never saw unless I was in trouble. It was always on the bare with me standing. She would hold my left arm so that I could not run off. This was her only method of punishment, it seemed. At least she was consistent.

Later in life, she told my first wife that she had never punished me for grades. Its amazing what a parent will just forget.
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Quite a range in the number of strokes. I sometimes wonder what my parents would have said if I had asked whether they remembered spanking me. It would have been interesting to see whether their recollection tallied with my memories.

when i was in school my mom woudl take the hairbrush to my bare bottom i would be spank for every grade not above 70 at mid to end of highschool it went up to 75 an in college 80 all i can say is that ist very hard to do homework when your bottom is blistered

Spanked in college, huh? I was threatened as long as I was "under her roof", but did not actually get any more after the 6th grade. Maybe I actually learned my lesson.

well college spanknigs not jsut grades attitude an curfew

I truly believe that teachers should send poor grades home on a regular basis whenever they occur. I may not have appreciated it when I was in high school, lol, but looking back on it I would have improved greatly if my parents had realized the lack of effort I was putting into my work. It is a hoot the things that they forget doing though... "I never did that..." yeah... riiiiiiiiight... Sure Mom. Whatever you say, Dad. LOL

I was always getting spanked for bad grades growing up. The problem is that for a kid report card day seems like a hundred years in the future. By the time it got close enough for me to get scared, it was too late. My grades were already too poor for me to improve them. Spanking works best when there is little or no time lag between offense and punishment. But expecting a kid to be motivated by a spanking that he is going to get several months after he failed the test(s) is asking too much. Kids suck at long term memory.