Sweet Revenge Shouldn't Make Me Feel So Guilty!

When I was 15 my cousin and I were living with my nan, me and my cousin argued and he pushed me and I went flying across the room and broke my nans little statue thing that her mother gave her, my nan came in and shouted at me for not being careful, she started to cry and told me she didnt want to even look at me.

I went to bed and thought of how I could get my cousin back, he had a pet tarantula and my nan hated it, I knew he would be in deep trouble if it escaped, so I creeped into his room and lifted the lid off the tank and went to bed, around 7am I heard a scream coming from the kitchen, me and my cousin ran downstairs and my nan was standing on the table and the tarantula was on the kitchen floor, my cousin picked it up and put it back upstairs, after about an hour my nan calmed down and went to my cousins room and spanked him for what seemed like forever for being so careless, she then proceeded to ring my aunty and my cousin moved back in with his mother (he moved back in with me and my nan after about a week though), I felt so guilty but because I was living with my nan and I didnt want to be kicked out so I never said anything.
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Did you feel bad for getting your couisn spanked and how did your nan spank him? Over pants and did you hear him crying or getting his licks? Had you ever seen him spanked bare bottom before and had he seen you spanked before in the same room? Hoiw old was he, your age and was he really that bad of a cousin?

u should of been the one spanked for your naughty behavoir

i think your GrandMother would not have Kicked you out NaughtyGirl . She would have Understanding and might have smacked your bare bottom . that what you Deserved

No, she kicked my cousin out so she would of kicked me out.

CarysAnn it was you that should have Received the Spanking NaughtyGirl .

I didnt want to be kicked out :/

you have been truthful

I dont live there anymore and my cousin agreed we were both even, he is like my bro ^.^

You both should have spanked each other for being like that and on the bare bottom too, lol.

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