Toliet Paper And Demerits

I wouldn't say I was a naughty child, well I guess I was too. I was constantly doing something to cause my Father to punish me. When I was little it was spankings. I don't remember bare bottom ones, but I am sure I got them. I do remember him getting his belt, but don't remember the actual spanking. I do remember the time, I did go to the bathroom and proceed to stuff toilet paper down my pants, because I was due a spanking. Probably with his belt.

My father was a disciplinarian, ran his house in a true 1950's style, at first I would say as a true Dominant. But no he was just a bully with a pulpit to express his message. I remember my brother and I receiving demerits, like we were in the military. He was good about making sure we knew he was the boss, that we lived in his house.

But I apparently was a very naughty little girl, because I have blocked out those spankings and I know I received quite a few. I think I was more famous for having to stand in the corner. Which come to think of it was just the place I would fall asleep most nights. But I am surprised that corner does not have a permanent indention from my nose being pressed into it.

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May 6, 2012