My First And Last Spanking From Mom (and The Most Painfullest And Memorable)

" young lady step into this house now! Look at the time! How late are you from your curfew?"

" 2 hours" i said.

"Get into the house we have some serious explaining to do!"

I went up yo the bedroom to wait for my mom. I am grounded again..... She came up holding a hairbrush. I didn't't't think much of it. She went into the responsibility lecture again. " you take an advantage of me and you know it! This time is serious and just grounding you won't cut it."

"yes mom" I said

" Jane this time you will be spanked by me and not your dad. I want you to be thinking about this, this is the first spanking I am going to give you." She left the room and made me think about what I did. I broke my curfew I thought. Easy. I guess I have to explain it later after I am spanked.

half an hour later, she came back. " Take off your pants" she ordered. I shook my head. I refused to. She came over and yanked my pants down. my face turned red from this. she hasn't't undressed me since I was 7 and now I am twelve. she made me step out of my jeans.

She sat down on my bed and tapped her leg. I knew what that meant, I bent over her lap and she explained to me what I was going to get. " For the warm up you will get 35 with my hand and for the actual spanking you will get  15 with the hairbrush!" my mom thundered. 

"Mom please use your hand! I never gotten the hairbrush before! PLEASE!!!!!!" i begged.

"There is a first time for everything" she said

Sure dad has done all of my spankings, but he never used anything except his hand and I never got more then 30 swats. "Please mom, not that much! I'm sorry" i cried.

"Jane, you know you deserve it and it is too late to say sorry now! If you are going to hold me back anymore you will get more."

I got quiet. She taped my bottom and began......


My bottom turned red and it stung like crazy. I had tears in my eyes and it felt like it would roll down any second. Soon enough I couldn't't hold it back and the water works began. But my mom continued the pace. I began to kick and get out of her grip." Stop moving or else I will give you ten extra later. I got so scared, i stayed still as much as I could.  My mom hit harder then my dad did and boy did it hurt. My bottom stung and it felt like it was on fire. At 20, I begged it to stop but I knew my mother was not that easy going. In fact she did it even harder since I complained. Soon the 35 with her hand was over. Even though that had only lasted 3 minutes, it felt like I was getting spanked for 3 hours.

My mom lift me up to my feet and led me to the corner. My nose almost got smashed against the wall. I got 10 min of corner time before she will resume my spanking. This is good because I will get to cool my bottom down. It was a really red. She tied my hands together and laid my hands on my head. Then she left the room with the door open so she will be able to keep an eye on me if I rub my bottom in any way, if I do I get 15 extra for my spanking. 

Soon enough, my mom came back into the room. She went and untied my hands then she caught them and dragged me across her lap again. 

" I am so sorry" I cried. Tears came down my face again. "Let's get this over with" my mom said.

She pulled down my underwear and I reached back to pull it up but she swatted my hand away.

" I want you to count this time" she ordered

"yes mom", i said in my tears.

She swung her arm and the hairbrush hit my bottom with a loud crack. I let out a scream of pain, and my mom warned me if I scream again , i would get extra. I never got spanked with a hairbrush before but my friends all had experience they said it hurts a lot but i would have never imagined such pain.

"One mom" I said.

CRACK, "two'', i said through my tears

SMACK, CRACK, SLAP,WHACK,CRACK, CRACK, SLAP, SMACK, WHACK, CRACK, SMACK, SMACK I counted as each one landed with great impact on my bottom. I never felt so much pain.

My mom finished with one final smack across the bottom. I cried so hard, I almost couldn't't count. "15 mom"

"Good job" she said and helped me up."I'm sorry" i said

She nodded and pointed me to the corner. I slowly walked over there and placed my nose on the wall and hands on my head as she tied it together again. She set the timer to 10 minutes and walked out the room. Soon the timer let out a ring. my mother came back to me and untied my hands and gave me a warm hug. New tears formed in my eyes and slid down she she led me to my bed. I couldn't't sit and stayed standing.

"Do you know why I spanked you?"

"Be-Because I p-pasted my curfew"

"I spanked you because I know you can be better then this. You have responsibilities that you have to follow. I was also very disappointed in you. You broke the rules. I didn't't spank you just because you were gone past the curfew or that you are bad. People choose to make the wrong decisions and you have done that this time. I do this for your own good, it is for you to learn. We don't do this just to make us feel less angry"

My face flushed with shame and I felt really touched. My dad never explained this to me, and now I realize that my punishment is for my own good and not to make them feel better.I cried quietly. She took me into her arms for a hug. I put my pajamas on and went to bed thinking about the spanking. I still cried for some reason I just couldn't't stop crying like I couldn't't forgive myself. My mom probably heard me crying and she came up to me and comforted me until i fell asleep. The next morning she was still there, when she woke me up. She made my favorite breakfast and didn't't mention anything about the spanking.

I felt relieved about that.

I am happy to have her as a mom. She can be strict and not that easy going when it comes to discipline but I still think she is really fun and the best mom ever <3

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Ow, ow and ow! That was a serious spanking! I can sympathise. Cornertime may have given you some necessary respite but I never enjoyed standing there with a red, flaming bottom on display lol!

Wow... sounds like a memorable spanking indeed! Ouch! But you really have a good mom there. She explained things (something your dad should have done long ago), comforted you through the night... she sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing your memory with us. It was well versed.

Thank you for commenting. Well, it was the most memorable and I guess i really deserved it.

Deserved and well administered spanking. Thanks.

Oh, sorry. Darn good story and well written. I enjoyed it.

Well, you sure found out what a hairbrush spanking is all about. I didn't have that experience until I was in late teen years as I was never spanked until age 17 and 18 when I got the hairbrush. God, what a painful trip over mom's knee all bare bottom too. One does learn a lesson, but for me it took several times for each transgression. Please check out my "spanked by mom with a hairbrush stories". You might want to read the first experience at age seventeen for the family and cultural background. Looking forward to your feedback. You certainly have my empathy.