Spanked By My Mom

When I was 12 I got 3 days worth of after school detentions at school for arguing with my history teacher. I was upset over a grade I had gotten on an assignment and after arguing with her for a few minutes she told me that I had better go sit back down. As I turned around I said this is ******* stupid. She didn't take too kindly to that and told me to go to the principals office. After he yelled at me for a while about cursing and being disrespectful with my teacher he said he was going to go easy on me because it was the first time I had been in trouble that year. He gave me 4 after school detentions. Whenever we got after school detentions we had to get a notification slip signed by our parents. I thought I might be in luck because my dad had just left town for a week long business trip and thought my mom would go easy on me. When I got home I told my mom that I needed her to sign something, and I handed her the detention slip. She looked at it and asked me what I said. I started to tell her how stupid my teacher was and how I was right, and that she refused to listen to my side. My mom was visibly getting mad so I said that I just over reacted and didin't mean to curse. She told me that wasn't a good enough excuse and that I needed to be punished. She said that she was going to spank me after dinner.

For a second I was kind of shocked because my mom had not spanked me in several years. My dad usually handled most of the discipline. I told her that she was over reacting and that I was too old to be spanked. Clearly she disagreed and told me that if my dad was here my butt would be already hurting. I just ignored her and went up to my room. About a half hour later our house phone rang, and I could see on the caller ID that it was my dad. I purposely didn't answer, but a few seconds later my little brother knocked on the door and said that dad was on the phone and he wanted to talk to me. I answered and my dad just started in on me. He didn't even mention what I got in trouble for at school, he was just upset at the way I talked to my mom. He told me that if I knew what was best that I would do what she said, and that if she thought I needed to be spanked that I better not try and fight her. I knew when my dad was serious and decided that I would be better off letting my mom spank me then instead of waiting for my dad to get home on Friday. He went on to lecture me over the phone for a while longer but I really was not listening. After my brothers and I had dinner with my mom we all got done putting our dishes away and she told me to go wait for her in her bedroom.

I went up there and waited for a few minutes and she came in. She grabbed one of my dads old belts from the closet, ordered me to drop my pants and get over the bed. I tried to plead to her to let me keep my pants on but she wasn't going for it. Right about that time I could feel my penis starting to harden. Like most 12yr olds it didn't take much to get me erect any sense of nervousness and I was done. I felt embarrassed about having my mom see me exposed like that and tried to plead some more. She started to grab my waste and yelled now, so I slid my pants off. and leaned over the bed as quickly as possible. It didint take long for that belt to start hitting my backside and I suddenly all I could think about was my burring butt. I started to squirm a little and she grabbed my arms and said that if I moved she would have to start over. I tried as hard as I could not to cry but after the first few smacks tears started coming out. I think I probably got about 15-20 smacks with the belt on my bare butt and man did it hurt, but not as bad as it would have if it had waited until my dad got home. After it was over I laid there for a few minutes and my mom left the room. She came back in after I had just put my pants back on and hugged me. She said that she never liked having to spank me or my brothers but felt it was the best thing for us.

The rest of the week went by pretty smoothly, and when Friday came my dad was waiting outside school for me after my detention. When I saw his car my heart sank for a moment because I thought I was going to get spanked again. When I got in the car he asked me how my day was and asked if I wanted to stop at the driving range on the way home. We went and while we were on the way home he said that he was proud of me for accepting the spanking that I deserved from my mom, but that next time I better not give her any resistance.
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How did you feel about mom spanking you at 12 and seeing you bare naked and seeing your private parts at that age? Were you embarrassed?