The Worst I Ever Got.

This is the first and may be the only time I ever tell anyone about this. I was 11yo and was told by my mom to stay close to the house. Well with the woods in the back of the development it was not hard for me to get a long way from home fast. Well looking back now I was like two miles from home by road. I was in a feild of a small farm and had my BB gun with me, I was shooting at birds. Next thing I remember was a man grabing me by the back of my pants and was hauling me up to his house. When he got me up there were two more men standing there, all mad as hell. They told me that that someone had been shooting there hunting dogs and that I was the only one they had seen up here with a gun. Just to put it out there I did not shoot there dogs, I did not even know that they had dogs. The one man still had hold of my pants as they made up their minds that I should be spanked. I was trying to get away but could not, as the first man held me and the others removed my pants. Then I was pushed over the wooden table in the yard, as nude as the day I was born. One after the other the three men whipped me with my own belt. I do not know how long it went on or how long I lay there before running off. One thing I do remeber is that they just left me laying in the yard when they were done and they kept me BB gun, but I did not care. I did not go home till I had calmed down from the spanking I had been given. I never told my mom or anyone else what had happened to me. I did here a year later that someone had been put in jail for shooting at the same dogs.
redbutts redbutts
May 12, 2012