The 3 Minute Drill

I remember my dad would set three minutes on the timer, then it would begin. He would place solid smacks on my sore bottom until the three minutes were up. At the end it would be really sore and plenty red. It was really painful. Afterward, when the three minutes are over, my dad would place 10 more solid slaps on each butt cheek. I remember that i would scream and shout a lot while the spanking. Sometimes if I scream too loud or kick a lot. He told my mom to set the timer to start again or add more minutes. I hated this drill thing. He still wouldn't be satisfied after he was done. I had to kneel in the corner for 10 or more minutes...... I remember that I misbehaved often, like 5, 6, or 7 times per month. I would go through this drill every time I got in trouble with dad. I remember looking at my dark red bottom afterwards in the mirror (shiver) it was never pretty.
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Three minutes can seem like an forever when being spanked. Were you able to ser the timer? Did it help at all seeing how much time was left? When I was being spanked anything over two more to go would be in my mind too much. Once when I was little mom told me I had three more to go. I think she was trying to help but that in my mind was cruel. Saying one more gave me a sense of relief. Three more? Thats forever!

Well he didn't do it that fast. It wasn't too much, but it would ALWAYS hurt like crazy. He always used his hand so it wasn't too bad

There was a family that lived next door to us where the kids got the strap. I remember hearing it, and it may have lasted a couple minutes cause the licks weren't given very fast. Almost all the spankings I heard, saw, or got growing up didn't take much longer than a minute. Most were less than a minute. A spanking could take longer if there are lots of pauses for scolding, or the spanks are slow, but I guess no one I knew spanked like that. At our house the talking was before and after. During it was right to the point, and it didn't take long to make the point. If we had been spanked for 3 minutes like we got it, our butts would have needed to be made out of iron.

Ouch! Bet you were hanging out for the sound of that timer going off! Although during a hard spanking you may not have noticed it...I probably wouldn't have!!

Sounds like that was over-bearing...... I believe spank,get it over with and BE DONE with it !!! Sounds like he was controlling and possive man to me. Sorry about that... you probally didn't really need some or most of those spankings.... I'm sure a few you did tho...... lol