Cameron Not Coming Home From School Friday

Cameron was to go to his mom's house after school on Friday. He should of got there at 3:30. At 4 o'clock I got a call at work. It was my sister she was freaking out because Cameron wasn't't there yet. I told work I had a family emergency that i had to go. so I start to drive around looking for him. I looked every where I could think of called his friends house. so finally i remenberd that i was keeping his best friend Ryan for the next week. So i called Ryan's cell phone and he answered. I said were are you guys at. He said the park. He said who is this I said tell Cameron James you guys are to stay there till his aunt gets there.i said Ryan Micheal that includes you. do you under stand. Ryan and Cameron said yes ma'am.

so i get to the park in 5 minutes. they are standing by the parking lot waiting. they get in the car. I said why are you not at your moms house Cameron. he said i just didn't't want to go. I said you know you guys are in trouble. Ryan said why am i in trouble I said because when you mom and you dropped off you stuff for the next week last night. I told you to go to Candice's house and you OK i will. He said your right i am sorry. Ryan said ill take the punishment you come up with even if it is a whipping. my mom said you have full rights to whip me if i earn a punishment. also it was not only for the week it is any time i was at your house.

we get home i take them into Cameron room. I tell them how scared Candice was. I make them call and say sorry to her, I said Candice was going to take just you two out to see a movie.They said oh we didn't't know i said it was a surprise. I said in stead you get this talk with me. so the call Candice and sorry. that they wont do it again. they hang up. I said are you two happy you made her feel bad and scared her they said no. I said well your grounded this weekend, NO TV, NO going outside. You will be in this room all weekend only coming out to go to the bathroom and eating they said yes ma'am. I said your also getting a whipping.

So i put them both in the corner for about 10 minutes then i call Cameron out. he comes over to me i said drop your jeans and boxers to your knees and over my lap. I gave him a hand spanking. he got about 25 swats to each cheek, then he had to get up and go over the bed for a belt whipping. he stayed in place with his hand in front for hi, he got 25 more licks with the belt. He got up i hugged him told him i loved him he said i know i am sorry. he said please don't whip Ryan. It was my fault. I said he could of gone to your moms with out you . but he chose to disobey my orders. so he gets the same punishment. I said now lay down on your bed while i spank Ryan but look towards the wall OK. if you look over you will get the hairbrush and Ryan will get to watch understand. he said OK. So i call Ryan over he drops his jeans and boxers goes over my lap. he gets the same 25 licks with my hand to each cheek then he gets up and goes over to the bed. but before he lays over the bed he said aunt Diane it was my fault we went to the park i told Cameron i didn't want to go to Candice's so he want with me. please don't go easy on me. If it was my mom i would get 40 licks with the belt for that stunt. then he lays over the bed. I said OK. Since this was your fault you'll get 30 licks. I was only going to give you 20. but with what you just told me i have to be fair. then I laid the belt on hard. when it was over he stood up and hugged me i told Cameron to get up and come to me> I said i love you guys you guy will stop crying soon. but I want you to remember this so you get a licking every night your grounded and a reminder when you ungrounded Monday night. they said that's fair love you. I said i love you both but you cant do it again they said we have know hard feelings. they went to take a nap. I fixed dinner they got up like nothing happened. They were joking and laughing like happy 13 year olds. they are always loved
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Very nice. I kno if I do something bad enough my daddy believes in spanking you multiple nights too. Ouch.