The Beating I Never Witnessed

My family and i went on vacation to visit my auntie and uncle and their twin daughters their daughters were at their at senior prom when we got there so we  wouldn't see them till tommorrow my parents went out gambling while my sisters and brothers and i crashed early because we were jet lagged around one in the morning i was awoken by the front door slamming i was the only one who woke up i was scared thinking it was my parents so i peeked out the door and saw my uncle bringing both of my cousins up by their ears and told my cousins to go to the bathroom the i heard LISA! get in the tub and pull your pants down then i heard the water go on for about 30 seconds then i assume my uncle took his belt off and started whipping her because i heard this violent whipping sound followed by loud screaming and crying this lasted about 5 minutes i was really scared none of my sibling woke up but were turning in their sleep im guessing cause of the noise the i heard NISA! get over here! the water turned back on for a couple seconds the the same whipping but i guess nisa didn't take hers very well because i kept hearing put your hands back! or bend over! her punishment lasted suffiently longer then my sister woke up turned and said whats going on but she didn't wait for an anwser she turned and went back to bed then i heard wet footsteps and crying as they passed our room walking into theirs i heard my uncle footsteps walk down the stairs and my auntie come up it wasn't over i couldn't make out words but the sound of the belt started up again with it came loud begging for mercy this only lasted a like a minute or two and my auntie was calling the stupi b****es from what i could make out it sounded like they were either caught with drugs or alcohol but they were grounded the rest of our stay and my aunties excuse was they did something really bad haha i'm just glad i wasn't in their shoes my uncle doesn't play around i assume they got a wet bottom whipping it just sounds scary don't it
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May 13, 2012