My Spankings

As a kid with two older sisters and an older and younger brother, I was spanked the most. Spankings where.routine. Dad always did it. He would yell, or lecture us, tell the one getting spanked to bare our butt, and bend over the couch or bed depending on which room we was in. we got spanked with his hand 3 timrs or until we crief. The worst ones were when it was all 4 of us olfer ones. We all baref our butts at tge same time. Hearing and seeing the others spanked always made it worse. My worst spanking alone came after I lied about getting in troublele at school. I got woken up at 630 am dragged in their room butt bared, swattered 15 tomes by hand followed by 30 morewith his thick belt. I was told to stay in that position until it was time to get ready for school. I didnt. I was sitting on the porch with the neighborgirl when he got home. My sister told that I had gotten up earlier. He vcame out on the porch, belt in hand grabbed me up, bared my butt bent me over the railing and swatted me another 25 times. So embarrassing. Now I want a gf that wnts to be spanked hard, and spankse hard. Weird?????
midwestspanked midwestspanked
31-35, M
May 14, 2012