Worst Weekend Ever

It started off on Friday I was sick so I didn’t go to school so I was laying on the couch watching TV when I hear my dad’s voice I thought he was in work but I then saw Ian coming with him because he had a fight in school and got suspended my dad comes I the living room where I was and Ian came with him he started lecturing him about him attitude in school and that it wasn’t the first time Ian gets in a fight so dad told him he was grounded and he’s getting the belt so he told him to bend over the couch and he started. Ian always makes fun of me when I get spanked is always sarcastic. I knew that Ian was so desperate to cry but didn’t want to in front of me but after the 10th spank I saw some tears rolling down his cheeks I started chuckling. My dad said ‘DO YOU WANT TO BE NEXT’ me ‘no sir I’m sorry’ ‘THEN GO TO YOUR ROOM RIGHT NOW’
The next morning josh came to my room and told me if I wanted to go with him to my cousins house I thought he took permission from mum and dad so I get dressed up and we go they only lived down the street we went and I forgot my phone at home. After how many hours my uncle comes to us and said ‘does your dad know that you’re hear’ me ‘ya josh asked’ … josh ‘umm no I didn’t I thought it was ok’ my uncle then said ‘oh no you guys are in so much trouble come on downstairs you father is waiting for you’ we got downstairs and my father was sitting there and he said was ‘HOME RIGHT NOW!!!’ When we were walking I said ‘dad I’m really sorry please don’t punish me ‘well talk about this when we get home’ he replied when we got home josh wasn’t there. My dad sat me down and he knew that josh ran away and he knew that he’ll come back soon. He was so angry I could see that from his eyes he started lecturing and shouting at me ‘ you know that you worried us to death we looked for you everywhere, it’s not OK for you to decide when to go without telling us’ I felt so ashamed of myself ‘ I’m sorry daddy’ I tears started rolling from my eyes then I see Ian coming down stairs he ran and hugged me and gave me a few smacks on my butt because he was looking for me all over the place he then says you sure deserve to get a whipping for what you did and sat down my dad then told me to come over. He had me over his knees and started spanking me with his hand 10 times and then he got out his belt and spanked me with it 10 times I was crying my butt was on fire and then he hugged me so tight and said never scare me like that again DO YOU UNDERSTAND. I sat watching TV beside Ian he said see it’s not funny when you’re the one getting spanked! LOL. Then he realized that josh wasn’t here and stood up and asked dad If he could go look for josh my dad said it was fine. We live in Beverly Hills and there are many places where he could hide but when Ian went he didn’t find his motorcycle! Josh took it and my dad know was furious and so was Ian. Dad then said he was going to look for him and told us to wait in the house we waited then josh came I was upstairs and ian was down so I heard Ian shouting at him and I came rushing then josh started crying and was cursing ian then slapped him real hard I was in shock (for taking his bike) then ian goes upstairs to call dad minutes later dad comes and gives josh a big lecture and whipped him hard and then he told him that he was grounded and that he loved him so much.
People would think that we are spoiled rich kids that got whatever they wanted but WRONG we still get punished and spanked over our daddies lap 
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1 Response May 14, 2012

Glad to see you accept the responsibility for your behavior. How old are Josh and Ian? Do they also accept discipline. Not sure Josh is leaning much at this point. Am I wrong. It took me multiple times to mature between 17 and 18 as related in my stories.