A Really Bad Day

I was 3 at the time and I woke up in a really bad mood. My mom woke me up a 5 in the morning so she could drive me to my dads house. I was not a morning person and am still not well we finally got to my dads house and I was asleep in the car. My mom woke me up and told me we were there. I was not in the mood to get out of the car I asked why can't I be like Justin and go on the hinting trip. My mom just told me because you can't. I was really upset and didn't want to have anything to do with my dad. My mom told me to get out of the car but I said no I want to go with you and Justin. My mom told Justin"unbuckl Jessica and bring her inside tell your dad that she has not eaten yet and is hungry." I was screaming no I do not want to get out why do big kids have all the fun. Justin grabbed me out of my seat and my mom grabbed me from him and gave me a quick slap on the butt and said you better be good or you will get your butt ripped apart here and when you come back home. She cupped her hand on my chin and said I mean it Jessica. Yes mommy I replied under a fast huff she handed me back to Justin and he dilivered me to the door. I was mad and butt hurt from the slap my mom gave me. Dad grabbed me and rapped me into his arms he put me in the high chair but I would not sit down. He said baby sit down and I'll get one of your brothers to get you some food. But I shoke my head no and said my butt hurts. He asked why and I said cause mommy hit it. Just sit down because Justin said she hit you once and not very hard and if you say that it is so you do not have to eat. I said no and he said if you do not sit I will hit you again. I said no and he waited a few seconds befor he rose his hand up and brought it down with a quick pop. I yelled oweee daddy that hurt. My oldest step brother who was 17 came to see what all the commotion was about. My dad told him to get me some food and then turned his attention back to me. He said sit and said he would do it again if I didn't I came back with a sharp no you can't make me. My dad waited a few secondes and then raised his hand again and it landed on my butt I screamed IEEE daddy no. He said sit again but I didn't and he hit me again I started to cry and scream nooooo that would just cause him to hit me again. Finally he had enough of it and brought me to the corner for a timeout. I was screaming and crying and kicking. Finally 3 minutes were up and I was brought back to the high chair and was told to sit not wanting to get hit again I did as I was told a my dad said thank you. Jeff came up and said I made you your favorite( Kix cereal with bananas chopped up in it without milk) I said thanks and stared to pick it the bananas and kiks and eat them. Jeff told me to do what I was told and it would go better.u dad came in the room and said ok this is what we are going to do today and it is not including sudden outbursts from you sibbilings Jeff. We will go to the grochery store we ran out of no tear shampoo and we need to get more food. We will go to the wonder place if Jessica is good so she can run around and play we need to go to target and buy a new crib because we just found out your mom is expecting her 5 child. And last but not least we need to go to home depo to buy some paint. How does that soun Jessica. I of course repeated NO I do NOT want to go anywhere but the wonder place. My dad replied you have to go with us if you want to go and it is only if you are good at the grocery store. Fine daddy I will go but I can not promis anything. Ok so let's get in the car and head out. Are we all ready to leave. I am daddy me too said Jeff. Ok squirt let's get you buckled in and off we go. When we got there their was not a single reall spot so we parked in front of the building on a cross walk. Dad parked and went over to get me out and said ok you know the rules you hold mine or Jeff's hand while we walk in and do not wander off or I will rip your butt apart and no wonder place. He grabbed my face so I could look him in the eye and he said I mean it Jessica. He reached for her hand but she when over to her step brothers hand instead. So they went in the store and the greeter handed them the cart and Jeff lifted Jessica in the cart. Jessica sit for me please no Jeff come on Jess please sit NO I DO NOT WANT TO. My dad came over and said Jessica sit or I will do what I did this morning I didn't sit though. So he raised his hand as a warning and slamed it down on my tiny butt I screamed OWWWW. He said sit and I sat. We went and got all of the food but we needed the shampoo now dad sent Jeff to get some chicken nuggets and me and dad went to get the special tear free shampoo for me. When we got to the baby place I was starting to act up. I was squwerming and trying to get my dad said remember what will happen. So he got gown on his hands and knees looking for the shampoo he finally found it and stode up but was not in the cart. Great he thought I lost her. I am going to get her a leash. He called Jeff and said Jessica is missing. Jeff she was in it one minuete and the next she is not. Go to the front desk and tell them. Kk dad calm down she will be alright she is probably around the corner playing hide and seek. He hung up the phone and said Jessica Ann Balts get over here right this instant. When I did not come he new I had wondered off. He said under his breath she is going to beaten so bad that she will never forget and he is right I have still not forgotten. They called for Jessica on the overhead speaker twice but she did not return. When her dad got to the front honoring she would be there she was not. They asked if I was the parent if Jessica and he said he was. They then asked what Jessica was wearing. She was wearing blue jeans a pink shirt with Minnie mouse on it a pink head band and pink and white sneakers. The security guards said why don't you two stay here and we will get the child. Her dad quickly said that she would not go with any strangers. The security guard said we will radio in when we find her and you can come get her. After about 30 minuets they found Jessica unharmed and crying in the meat section. They radioed in and said they found her in the neat section and that she is ok. Her dad and brother ran to the meat section they could hear her befor they could see her. When her dad got there Jessica screamed DADDY DADDY DADDY. He ran up to her and said I'm here baby girl I'm here I love you so much I am so glad you are alright then he pulled Jessica away and he landed to very hard hits on my backside I started to cry a lot and whinnied I I I a-am s-s-sorry d-dad-d-dy. my dad replied its ok shh your ok I love you sweet baby girl. When Jeff finally came with the cart he said I'll take her to the car and you go pay for this stuff. Jessica quickly said through her tears daddy does this mean I can't go to the wonder place. Her dad replied yes baby girl it does I'm sorry but acted up so now you can't go. Jessica started to cry harder in her brothers shoulder. Her brother went out to the car and her dad payed for the items. She fell asleep on her brother while they were waiting and when her dad came out he said I am going to call your mom and tell her to go out and bring all of the kids to go get the test of the stuff. We will go home she can sleep and you can relax. Ok dad but what about jessica she will not let go so should she just lay on me in the front. You can do that ok it is only a few minuets til we get to the house and I already called mom so they are all out. So when we got home Jeff layed me in my bed and closed my door then he went to his room and took a nap. After an hour I woke up and went to the kitchen my dad told me to go to his room and sit on his bed. I did as I was told not knowing what would happen. He came into the room and said Jessica do u know why you are here. I shook my head no and looked down. My dad said come here baby girl. I went over to him and he said I told you if you ran off I would spank you. I suddenly screamed NO daddy please don't spank me I will not do it again. Oh but baby I got to do it. No you don't please don't give me ah spankin I will not do it again please. Baby tell me what happened in the store I was bored and wanted to walk around do I got out of the cart and started to walk. And I thought that you were following me but when I look back you not there. And I got scared and I sat down a start to cry. So please don't give me a spankin. Oh baby girl I am going to. He put heron the ground and started to unbutton my pants. I quickly pushed his hands away he hit my bottom and made me screech in pain. He then continued to unbutton and unzip my pants. He then pulled them down. He put me over his knee then pulled down my panties. By then I had started to cry and beg for it not to happen. Instead of cupping his hand the way he would usually spank me he made his hand stiff and flat. He brought it up and delivered the first swat I screamed in pain. By the time the third one was delivered I was begging for him to stop and crying really hard. But it wasn't even half way over he spanked me ten times the tenth being the hardest. That was the hardest spanking I had ever gotten(at the time). When it was over he rubbed my back and said its over baby your ok it's over. He then put my paties back on and picked me up and paced back and forth saying shh it's ok it's over and I love you so much I am so sorry I had to do that. He then asked if I wanted to change i into one of his t shirts I shoke my head yes and said please. He looked through his closet and found an old t shirt from the hard rock cafe. He put it on me and I reached down to pull my panties off my burning butt a little when my dad asked if I wanted to take them off and I shook me head yes and reached down and riper them off. He laghfed and said I am going to have to call your mom so she knows what happened. Jessica screamed no she will spank me when I get home please no. He said he had to and he went out of the room and called my mom. She asked to talk to me and I answered and she said young lady why would you do such a thing. I started to cry and said I'm sorry mommy I was just bored but I already got spanked for it do please don't spank me when I get home my mom didn't care she said I will spank you when you get home because that is what I told you I cried louder and asked if I could talk to Justin she said ok and she handed the phone to Justin. Hi jessy are you having a bad day he asked. I said yes I miss I want you to come back now please Justin. You know I can't but when you get home I will be waiting for you and give you a big hug. It ok jessy you will be fine it is just the rest of the week. I said my goodbyes and handed the phone back to my dad. For the rest of the week I tried to be good but I still threw a few tantrums here and there and got hit on the butt a few more times but nothing like what I got in my first day there. And when I got back home Justin greeted me with a hug and my mom greeted me with a hug too. When I got inside my mom dragged me to the nearest chair sat down and spanked me. It didn't hurt as much as my dads but it still hurt and I still cried. She then told me how much she loved me and hugged and kissed me and rubbed my back and gave me a cookie.
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Haha so f*cking fake just saying

I do not lie and I was honest that really happened

for a three year old, that was way too much talking and spanking..like bbjd said it sounds like u made that up.

sounds so fake