I Did It This Time

I was at my dads house for the weekend with my bother Justin. I have 5 step siblings my oldest one Is 24 his name is Jeff. Then there is jinger she is 14. Then there is Jezebel she is 13. Then there is Jillian she is 10. Then our youngest one is jerid and he is 9. My older brother Justin is 18. My family is very strict. Well I will tell you a story of when I was 10. My family took a trip to gulf shores and we stayed in a condo. Jezebel and I got the smallest room with bunk beds. We started to fight about who would get the top because we both wanted the top(our dad said there would be no fighting cussing lying or disobeying on the trip or you would get spanked). My dad came in to see what all the commotion was about and do did my brother. He said both of you out. He started to lecture us about how he told us to not fight. My brother overheard the whole fight and said dad Jezebel started it and Jessica said we don't need to fight but Jezebel still insisted Jessica tried to get herto pick heads or tails bit she wouldn't so it wasn't jessicas fault. My dad said he saved you this time Jessica but next time I will spank you is that clear. Yes sir I said and went over and hugged my brother. He said you ow me one. Well I got the top. This was a whole family trip that means everyone came so we were going to have a huge family dinner in our condo. We were expected to be on our best behavior of course. Well I was not in the mood to go so my dad said you have to come bit you don't have to eat. The minuet everyone showed up we gathered around and started eating I was being rude and misbehaved. After dinner my dad brought me in another room and said of you don't shap up I will give you an attitude adjustment. Well it was time for dessert and I was still being nasty and rude. My dad stood up grabbed my are and brought me to the master sweet he said he will go finish his dessert then deal with me. All I know was there was the door opening again and Jillian was put on the bed and was told that she will be dealt with latter. Me and Jillian talked a lot and then our dad came in and said you two did it this time you have embarrassed me in front of our family. He grabbed my arm and said you are first Jessica Ann Balts. He pulled my pants and panties down he first told me that the party is over and said he loved me the he started to spank me quite hard I was screaming and begging him to stop. When he was done he told me to stand in the corner. He then beat my younger sister. I was told to come back lay down he took off his belt and told me to count each one. Smack o-one Smack t-tw-wo Smack th-three smack f-four Smack f-five Smack s-s-six Smack s-s-sev-en Smack ei-eigh-t Smack n-ni-nine SMACK t-e-n. I was in so much pain. My dad then grabbed me and gave me a big Hugh for being such a big girl. He kissed me and told me it was over he rubbed my back. He asked me if I wanted to where one of his t shirts and I shook my yes and he grabbed the same one he grabbed for me the time I wandered off when I was 3. He weren't to my room and grabbed some panties he new where loose on me and let me put those on. He did the same thing to Jillian and she was put to sleep. He went over to me and picked me up(me only whaing 45 pounds at 10) and carried me like I was 3 again. He brought me out and everyone new what happened to me and new I would not be happy. Instead of a smiling Jessica with a bow tied tightly on her hair. Her bow was lopsided I was not smiling and had tears down my face. My dad crawled me for a long time told me that everything was ok. He kissed me and read me to sleep that night.
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Oh it was so not the only time on that trip

Too bad your family vacation didn't mean a vacation from spanking! Hopefully that was the only one you got on that trip.