When I Was 5

I was 5 and me and my older brother(he was 10) went to my dads house for the weakend. Well on saturday I woke up and wanted my usual kix and bananas in a bowl without milk. My dad said that me and my brother had to stay for an extra week. I screamed NO but my brother said YES NO SCHOOL FIR A WEEK. He was sitting next to me so I started to kick and hit him. He said dad Jessica is hitting and kicking me. My dad said do it again Jess and you are going in timeout. I didn't think and I kept hitting and kicking him. Justin of corse told on me and I was removed from the table and carried to the corner. I was screaming and kicking and of course crying. After five minuetes I came back to the table and had to say I was sorry to Justin. Well I kept doing it and refused to apologize. That got me double the time in timeout. When I came back my dad said if you do it again I will smack your butt and you will go in the corner and will not eat the rest of your breakfast. In our house it was not rare for me or Justin getting threatened about getting hit. Well I stopped for a minuete but then started it up again. My dad went over to me stood me up landed a swift hard hand across my little butt which made me scream and cry then he put me in timeout again. He then put away my food. When I got out my dad said that I HAD to apologize to Justin or he would hit me again. I went to Justin teary eyed and said I am sowy Justin. My dad said good girl and picked me up and hugged me and kissed me. He said I have a great day planed but right now I want you two to go to the back and play. I went on the trampoline and so did Justin. Justin started to jump when I was getting on and I fell off and screamed and cried. Justin looked at me and said your fine Jess suck it up baby. My dad came out and picked me up held me close and said I was ok. With me still in his arms he yelled JUSTIN DREW BALTS GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW. Justin new there was no timeout with this one he was going to be sent to there parents room and talked to and spanked. Dad said GO TO MY ROOM NOW JUSTIN AND GET YOUR BUTT READY. Justin was scared I could tell. My dad handed me to my step mom and he went to take care of Justin. She played peek a boo with me then tickled me. My dad then came out with a sniffling Justin behind him. He said the whole family is going to go to the store. I was excited to go. My dad said if we were good he would take us out to eat. My brother ws still scowling. We all got in the car except for Justin he said it hurt to sit. My dad said suck it up you deserved it. He sat down and started to moan. I started to kick
Justin again and he yelled STOP. My dad looked back and saw my little foot in action he parked and went to my side and opened the door. He said Jessica Ann Balts when are you going to learn. I pleaded to not be hit and he said I am not going to hit you. I said thanks. He said I am going to spank it. I screamed NO PLEASE DON'T SPANK ME I WILL BE GOOD PROMISE. He said you promised last time and now come here. He sat down and put me over his knee and spanked me five times people saw and I was screaming and crying. When we got tho the store the greeter handed us a shopping cart and my dad picked me up and I started to squirm. He put me in but I would not sit. He said sit Jessica I said NO. He said of I didn't he would hit me. I said NO and he raised his hand and hit me hard I screamed OWWWW. He said sit not wanting to get hit again I sat. And the. We were off we went right past the toys and I said I want a Barbie. My dad said no. I started screaming I want a new Barbie I want a Barbie. My dad said no and if I asked again I would go over his knee. Well I asked again. He dragged me to the nearest bench. Said I am now going to spank you because you disobeyed. He put me on my feet and started to unbutton my pants. I tried to push his hands away but he slapped my butt and said no Jessica. He continued to take my pants off. He then stood me by his left thigh and took my panties down. He pulled me up on his knee and started to spank me. I screamed and cried and kicked and squirmed. Which made him spank me harder. After a bunch of spankings he gave me a hug a kiss and said its over baby girl breath baby your ok. Or shh your fine it is ok you did good. He said he hatted to spank me but it was needed and that he was very sorry. He gave her a Loly pop and carried her around the rest of the store. When she got home my daddy pit
Me down for a nap and made cookies and gave me two when I woke up.
JessicaB1 JessicaB1
18-21, F
May 17, 2012