Bad Day = 2 Bad Spankings!!

I was in a bad mood all day any nothing was going right. My mom threatened "if you don't stop bein mean and bad I'm getting the belt!" I knew she meant it so I calmed down a little bit. But then my sister was being a jerk and I got mad again and started screaming at her. My mom heard all of it and said "go to your room now!! I warned you!" and I begged and begged an said sorry but she wouldnt take it. I sat on my bed for what seemed like hours but only about 10-15 minutes. I was freaking out and thinkin of every way to get out of it. She came down with the belt. It was black and thick and long. I begged for her not to over and over again and she told me he has to, to teach me a lesson. I was so scared. My usual spankings were bare butt and with hand or a wooden spoon sometimes a switch and the worst was the belt! I hardly ever got the belt. My mom said "take down your jeans and underwear now!" I said "please mommy I'll be good I promise please don't spank me. Please not the belt!" she said "I don't want to but I warned you and you disobeyed. Now do what I said or you won't be able sit for a month!" after this threat I quickly took my jeans and underwear off. She said "now the more you move the more you get. The more you scream or yell the harder they get. Now bend over the bed" I did and she spanked me 3 times really hard and I screamed and yelled and couldn't stay still. She grabbed me and forcefully places me on her lap w/ my poor already throbbing but in perfect place. She said "you disobeyed again! I'm giving you a lot more" I said "no mommy please" I was already sobbing. She held me down and I heard the belt whoosh in the air then hit my butt. I cried in pain. And I yelled again. She said "I told you to stop! Now I'm spanking you till you won't be able sit down for a week! If you keep it up it'll be a month" I just sobbed and I heard the belt again then the pain! She spanked me for 30 min with the belt! I couldn't sit down. I looked at my but in the mirror. It was bright red with blisters! She hugged and kissed me after. And explained she had to because I was being mean and disobeying. I thought it was all over that day but then my brother came home... and I was good all day from after that spanking. my brother kept takin my stuff and I told my mom and he threw all my stuff at me but my mom didn't see him. I threw a book at him and he got a paper cut on his neck from it. He went straight to my mom and told!! My mom said "apparently you didn't learn the lesson the 1st time!! Go to your room now!!! I'll be there as soon as I get the belt!!" I broke out in tears and sobbed before anything even happend! My mom came down and said that I'm gettin another spanking because I hurt my brother and was being mean. I said "ok I'm really sorry " she said "sorry don't get it" i accepted the fact I was gettin another spanking on my already beat butt. I went over her knees and she held me and spanked me for 15 minutes. And let me tell you I wa nice for a long time after that! I love my mom for it because it made me a better person(: but I kinda think that was abuse.. Leave a comment!!?
MyLife12343 MyLife12343
May 18, 2012