First Spanking By Justin

One day Ma and Pa went out for the night and Justin was in charge. Matthew was like lets get on his nerves and see what he will do. I had never really seen justin mad before so i agreed. So since Justin was sleeping Matthew put shaving cream in JUstins hand and then told me to tickle his nose with a piece of string. Justin got nearly all the shaving cream on his face before he woke up. He was all like what the heck is on my face. Then he saw Matt with the shaving cream and me with the string.THen his face turned red. I was stupid and i said I love you justin. He looked at me and said.I love you to but that wasnt very nice. Dont do that again or ill give you guys a spanking ok. I was like yes justin and Matthew nodded and we both left. Justin wouldnt really spank us so lets do something else that will bug him. said Matthew. I said I dunno he sounded serious. Matthew said dont be a wimp he wont lay a finger on you. I said no and just sat on the couch. Matthew went about tearing up the couch. Justin came into the room and started yelling. ai was like i didnt do anything except sit here. Justin said sure you did.He ordered us to stand in the corner in our room we shared. We did as he told and soon he came in. I heard him sit on my bed and then he called my name. I stood in front of him and then he pulled down my underwear and placed me over his lap. I knew it was no use to protest. He brought up his hand and then brought it down--hard. SMACK. I was crying hard and said please stop justin. He kept on going. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. In all he gave me twenty smacks. I was crying hard. I got up and pulled up my underwear. Justin grabbed my arm and i fell into his hug. I cried in his shoulder until it was just whimpers. He then let me up and said he loved me . I went back to the living room and listened to Matthew cry and beg during his spanking. A while later Justin came down and said that Matthew told him how I didnt ruin the couch. I Just nodded. He outstretched his arms and i gave him a hug. He then placed me on his hip and said he was sorry for not believing me. Boy my brothers were great.
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I still am sorry for not believing you

i did not understand justin beat you only two times and your father many time and too much pain justin give you cream on bottom after he or your father beat your bom and he put on his knees to eat because your bottom too much pain papa spanking or justin spanking beating children is prohibited in europa people mùade like in usa till 1980

Justin spanked me a couple of times but it was out of love. Pa spanked me and my siblings severely and didnt care how much pain we were in.

and your mother she accept your father and brother made you too much pain . i suppose you havr black mark on bottom

My mother let my father beat us,but Justin hated to spank us and sometimes would get emotional while spanking us. My mother and father eventually didnt have time to discipline us so they made Justin be the disciplinarian even though he didnt want to.

why you brother beat so much how much time did feeling the pain after so injust spanking did you wait long time to sit did you brother give cream to put when you have too much pain

Justin never beat us. My Pa would beat us but not Justin. When Justin felt that I was in too much pain he would give me cream. After getting spanked by him I couldn't sit down comfortably for the rest of the day. Sometimes after spanking me during dinner time he would let me sit and eat on his lap because his lap was definitely softer than sitting on a chair.

I was 12 Matt was 11 Justin was 18. After that him spanking us was normal

You seem to respect both brothers. Justin should have spanked you immediately as this would have stopped Mathew in his tracks. I have the same questions, what were all your ages at the time and did Justin ever spank you again?

your brothers really love u. How old were you and justin at that time?