My Worst Ever At 15

As you might know from my other stories, my dad is a police officer. This has it's advantages and it's disadvantages. This story is about a disadvantage.... At my high school (I graduated Friday), I was a 6 sport letter, yearbook editor, in choir, president of student council, and FCA president. So I had a lot of friends who were all very different. They had different styles, different hobbies, and different drama. This is how I ended up driving a car full of peole from my cross country team who were caught throwing eggs at the house of a girl who made out with one of our teammates boyfriend. It was a huge mess and I was so stupid for agreeing to drive. When I saw the blue lighs my stopped. I prayed it wasn't my dad. It wasn't, but almost worse, it was his best friend. I honestly thought my life was over. Sean, my dads best friend, called my dad and told him what was going on and that he had to take us in because it was all recorded on his dash cam and he would in trouble for not arresting us since vandalism is a felony in the state of AR. My dad said he completely understood and that he would meet us there. Luckily they didn't have my car towed. I was so scared, I just knew my dad was going to kill me. He got there and once all the paperwork was done, he took me home. He listed my offensues- 1. Lying about where I was going 2. Violating the contract of my driving hardship 3. Committing a felony offense 4. Getting arrested. All of this definitely waranted a spanking. My dad got the razor strop his dad used to whip with, made me bare my butt and then tore me up. I think I got 20 licks but the pain was awful. I cried and cried. But in the end I knew my daddy loved me. I never did anything that stupid again.
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Wow the razor strap. When I first got on the internet at 15 I read fictional stories of the razor strap. Made the hair stand up on my neck imaging. You took your own pants and panties down facing the strap? What were you thinking then?

very big mistake but he could spank you not so much

Love and Discipline is good Parenting . Strict Parents make Better ADULTS . Bringing up youngsters Without Discipline is Stupid Parenting . And its not good for the Child or the Parents .

confused. You graduated high school at 15?

No! I graduated this year. This was a story about something that happened when I was 15!!

Sorry, I read it too quickly to catch that the (I graduated Friday) was in parentheses.

I do not feel that this was okay either. I got spanked by another foster mother for shoplifting. I had to bare my bottom too. The pain was very great but I never stole again.

Well, your dad's response doesn't surprise me. You were lucky you only got 20 with that strap. In the old days when it snowed, we carried our one pair of shoes and walked to school up hill both ways, we would get a bare bottom hand spanking that lasted forever followed by the leather strop with 20 to 40 whacks. However, those who have felt the strop know that 20 is still an unbelievable punishment. Did you ever get those felonies off your record? Would like to hear more detail about your other experiences.

Yes, thankfully the home owners decided not to press charges. They were very understanding about the situation and acknowledge that their child had been in the wrong as well. So it all worked out. That did not make my dad go any easier on me though. I think that as a police officer, he was embarrassed that his kid had been arrested. We kinda laugh about it now, but not at the time. Lol

your Daddy must have felt letdown by you NaughtyGirl . with him being a Police officer . and he is A Very good Understanding Parent caring enough to keep you in line DaddiesGirl .

Did all the kids in your family get spanked bare bottom including your brothers?

That's terrible!!!!

I thought so too at the time, but looking back I deserved it. I messed up big time and that was my punishment. I'm a better person now because my dad spanked me when I messes up.

thats not ok under any circumstances

i am so Glad you Understand why your father had to Punish you NaughtyGirl . it was for your own good . He Loves you very much and wants what is best for you NaughtyGirl