Spankings From Arkansas

Below is an email from a girl I became friends with about a year ago. I met all three of them and they are great kids.

Hello All,

I have been a member of this group for some time now and it has been an enlightening experience. I am 19 years old and have been living in my own place
since starting college in September. I have two younger sisters, 17 and 15 who still live at home.

Many have asked me in the past do I believe that spanking works. I also have been asked if it can be misused in a sexual way. I believe the answers are
sometimes and yes, respectively. For me, when the time comes to have a family, I am certain that I will not use spanking as a means of control, at least not
like my parents do. Excuse me if I sometimes refer to events in the past tense, because they still continue for the two that are still there.

We were raised in a home just a couple of miles outside of a college town in Arkansas. Our parents were raised in a very conservative Christian religion and we were raised in the same environment. We attended a private religious school that uses paddling too if needed.

Our house is a two-story home built in the 1970's that has two bedrooms on the ground floor and one large 24 x 30 bedroom with an attached bathroom on the second floor which served as the bedroom for us three girls.

Behind our house is a 30 x 40 building that serves as my dad's workshop. He makes saddles and other leather products as a side income. This is also the
place where most of our spankings are/were administered.

Up until I was 13, all of us received our spankings over our mom, but most often dads, lap and they used their hand most often. The way you "earned" a spanking was by accumulating 3 points. A point was given for any infraction such as lying, disrespect, not doing a chore, fighting, or one of many other "sins."

And unlike some accounts that I have read in various groups and blogs, daddy and mom does not use hard force when spanking us. Instead they use the "crock-pot" style which is also called the "slow roast" method by some. The idea is to make your behind sting but not to leave bad marks or bruises.

Daddy most often would wait until all three of us had accumulated 3 points and then we would be spanked the following Sunday after church. Upon arrival at home we were taken to his workshop out back and once inside he or mom would have us raise our hands and they would unbutton the back or our dress and lift it off and lay it on a nearby table. Then you would stand with your hands on your head until you were called for.

When he called for you he directed you to his right side where he pulled your panties down and then bent over his lap and you would receive 21 swats, 7 for each point. If you had accumulated a 4th point, another 7 would be added. He would put his left hand on your back just below your shoulder area and then he'd begin the swats with his right hand. He would swat and then rub several circles on your behind and then swat again.

Once done, you were helped to your feet and told to go back to the wall and stand with your hands on your head again and the next would be beckoned over. With few exceptions, I went first, then my middle sister and then the youngest. Once all was done, we were dismissed and allowed to go back to our rooms where we nursed our stinging backsides.

In late 2005 during one spanking session, I noticed a new item in my daddies workshop. It looked like a gym pommel horse except it was smaller. On the
front along the bottom about 2 inches from the floor was a pole that ran horizontally between the legs and another one on the opposite side at the same
level. I had no idea what it was or what it was for, but I found out the next time we were there to erase our accumulated points.

A few things changed at this time. We were told that when it was time to get a spanking, we were to go up to our rooms and remove our dresses and hang them up and then put on a robe and then report to his workshop. Any delay or argument would result in additional swats. I was 13, and my sisters 11 and 9.

Upon entering the workshop we were instructed to remove the robes and hang them up on these gold colored clothes hooks on the wall to the right. We then did our customary standing along the wall with our hands on the wall while daddy did his speech that included a reminder of why were here along with various biblical quotes.

Then he walked up and put his hand on my shoulder and walked me to this thing he has built that he simply called a "bench". He said that I was getting to big to go over his lap and instructed me to step inside the bar near the floor that was on the back side of the bench and to bend over the "horse" part and hold the pole that went along the floor on the front side. (The pole in back was to keep you from kicking your legs up)

He told me to keep my legs together and not move. He then pulled my panties down and then began rubbing his newly acquired paddle on my behind and then began the spanking. He would swat, then rub the paddle for 15 or 20 seconds before the next one and then swat again. It took about 6 or 7 minutes to
complete and when done, you were told to stand up and pull your panties up and return to the wall with your hands on your head until everyone had been dealt with.

My 11 year old sister followed to the bench and got the same, however the youngest still got the over the lap treatment by means of the hand up until
2006. When done, we went back to our rooms as usual.

We were allowed to keep our bras on at first, but in 2008 I got some kind of grease on mine while I was bent over the bench and my moms said the bras were expensive so from that point on, we left them in our bedroom.

We averaged a spanking every 4 to 5 weeks and it was a routine that we all learned to tolerate and deal with. For me and the youngest, these spanking
sessions were a thing of dread, however for my middle sister, she was beginning a "liking" of the stinging sensation and this just grew over time. At the time
I had no idea what a fetish was and when she revealed to us at age 13 of this "like", me and my other sister just decided she was weird or as the youngest
often says "she's mental."

After I moved out on my own in September and finally received internet access that was not blocked by "net nanny", I have been able to read many accounts of how others either administer or receive corporal punishment. I have also seen some spanking clips sent to me that were from a company called "Xerotics" and a few of them are really close to home.

Some have asked me if my daddy "likes" or "enjoys" spanking us. A year ago I would have said no way, but now I have to admit that he probably does in some weird way. Although he has never tried to do anything sexual to us, I have to admit that the way he conducts the spankings and some of the things he has said while giving them probably points to that unfortunate reality.

So why not report him? Well because we all still love our parents and we know they were spanked as kids and they were given it quite hard often had bruises or marks after.

A friend of my 17 yr sister turned her dad in 2 years ago for being overbearing while spanking her and now she regrets it badly because although he was not charged for anything, it was costly for their family who were of little resources to begin with and it has put a wall between her and her parents that
has yet to be completely dismantled.

But as a result of my experiences, I can say that I will not be doing the same to my progeny.

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I couldn’t help but admire a spanking that was reported last year by TJ50 who had been caught for walking home at night when she was supposed to wait for her mother. It was posted 03/28/2011 in the group I Was Spanked As a Child/1479138, “Walking Home.” Over there it had been love. But if maybe this disputed saddleshop house business is a true story then those parents had been faking it and you can tell because their spankings could not really have been avoided. Thumbs down.

This is sounding like a fantasy email from one guy who called himself jesse mathers...its utter BS and he is trying to get u 2 email him to get your email address for spam harvesting.UIts uitter crap. Dont believe it and is obviously meant to be erotic. Fantasy

Good afternoon Mr. Morse. I do not know this Jesse to whom you refer, but the Katy referred to in the letter does exist as I met them last October when they visited a relative who lives in the DFW area. Thanks for highlighting that I inadvertently included her email address. I will try to amend that portion.

oh yeah I think this seems very much like an email on the old fatherlly yahoo group. Except that it was a girl who had a sister and brother. I think morse has a point Ive seen this story under various guises with different characters names and ages, sometimes libving in texas sometimes arkansas etc. Sorry to say but it seems your friend has duped you, unless u can give documentary proof like photos of this bench, readers should mark this as nothing more than an urban legend for spanking is as morse notes, highly erotic and belings more in a spanking fetish website IMAO.

thanks for the support, its obviously a fetish story. In this day and age if it happened in relaity it would be all over the news in 30 mins