My Mom Spanked

When I was 12 my mother would punish me like this...

first she would ***** me then lift my legs into diaper position and spank me then she wouldopen my legs and spank my privates. then she made me kneel naked in the living room by the side of the tv on rice leaning back with legs widely spread. after my corner time was over she would draw me a bath. the i would have to let her wash me as if i was a baby.then i have to lay down on the bed and let her shay my privates. i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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With all due respect I don't believe that a person who really deserves to either eat her spinach or else no dessert could have become that way from your mother's fashion of spanking.

I don't care I'm older know and that was only if I was really bad.

Not appropriate