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Grandpa Mike

When i was 12 me and my brother's "Phil and Simon" went to stay with our grandpa for a week. We loved staying with him and i know he loved having us. The first few days went great but on the second to last day Simon (the youngest) decided to start a fight with me and Phil. This was ended quite fast with me and Phil on the floor next to a now broken framed picture of our grandma. When grandpa came in and saw the picture on the floor broken he grabbed me and Phil from the floor and we were heading outside to the shed. I had never been to the shed but from what our dad told us we never ever wanted to.

While we were walking to the shed me and Phil tried to protest saying that Simon was involved too but he was having none of it. When we got to the shed Grandpa told me to stand outside while he dealt with Phil. While i was stood there i had allot of thought going through my mind but the main one was "run" but for some reason my body din't want too when all of a sudden i heard Phil cry out in pain and then full tears. After 10 minutes of this the door opened and Phil walked out still crying and i didn't know why but naked. Grandpa told him to stand were i was while he dealt with me.

When i walked in the shed i saw a razor strop on the bench and all kind of thought went through my mind but then i was brought back to reality when he told me to take my cloths off but when i got to my underwear i wasn't going any further until he grabbed my arm and threw me against the bench and yanked down my underwear and then lifted me out of them and then told me stand and put my hands on the bench. He grabbed my cloths and threw them in a pile with Phil's next to the bench. Not much was said before he started apart from "you move they'll get harder and i'll start again".
When it began the first hit was like nothing i had experienced before and i was already in tears and jumping all over the place and trying to run out the shed, but he grabbed me and pushed me back down on the bench and sad "what did i tell you". He was not kidding he got harder and harder and i just couldn't help myself but keep jumping.

After about 30 minutes the fight in me was gone and i just stood bent over the bench basically being beaten and an emotional wreck on tears. When it was over we left the shed and Phil was stood outside and still had tears in his eyes. Grandpa never gave us our cloths and we had to walk back to the house naked. When we got to the house i ran upstairs to the room that me, Phil and Simon were sharing and just collapsed on he bed. Simon came in 20 minutes later and told me he had run a bath so i headed towards the bathroom and locked myself in. I looked in the mirror at my bottom and noticed that i was bleeding and had horrible welts on my bottom and my upper thighs.

I never really spoke to grandpa the rest of the time we stayed there. When my dad came to pick us up grandpa told him what he had done and that i had the worst. So while i was packing my stuff dad came up and told me to take down my shorts and show him, dad was nearly in tears and i was in tears. Dad grabbed me into a hug and we were hugging for a good 5 minutes, he had never hugged me that long befoe. To say the least he was horrified and a massive argument broke out between dad and grandpa.

We never really went back to stay and i'm pretty glad. I didn't really learn a lesson from this, i do know that wasn't a spanking it was a beating. This is one reason why i am this way with my boys. I do spank them for extremely bad things but not for breaking a picture. I never forgave him after this and the relationship between my dad and grandpa was broken. I took great pride in destroying the shed when he died.
officerJoe officerJoe 31-35, M 7 Responses May 25, 2012

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Abuse So sorry

I can maybe understand him being upset (sentimental value, etc) but that was WAY over the top. Sorry that happened to you

nah, ur fine, tis but a flesh wound, lol. get a new picture fame, lol. y didnt u call dad about this? stop over excagerrateing, it didnt hurt lol. that was jokeing, but yea thats abuse u should go and tell the cops bout that lol

I am a cop and this was many many years ago.

again it's a PICTURE FAME. still have the pic, if it's ripped get another one lol, buy a picture fame for like 20$ lol, where u happy when he dided?

I was a little upset at the time but i was happy yes. I was upset when he died because he was my grandpa.

bleeding??!?!?!?1 really??

Yes, i was being hit with a razor strop for half an hour. I don't know if you have had the razor strop but it sucks so much ***.

a few times lol, yea it hurts like HELL but no bleeeding lol

Well if you want go experience it then just ask your dad to constantly hit you for 30 minutes. I wouldn't though.

he went to the middle east:( now u got me crying:( ur soo nice D;

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OMG :-( I don't even know how to comment. I know what a razor strop is, I cannot fathom how that felt. My grandfather, my Dad's father was a wonderful man. I loved him with all of my heart. He was loved by everbody. When I hear the word grandpa my immediate thought is, warm, caring, affectionate. He would never lay a finger on me. And I'm pretty sure he never used a belt on my dad. Which when I think about it, how did my dad come to use his belt on his own kids? That and my grandparents were really affectionate people, kisses & hugs...Anyway this made my stomache turn into knots. :-( I would have collapsed long before 30 min! Infact I wouldn't have made it past one. How awful & traumatic. And over a picture fr<x>ame? So sorry!

Well yes like you say it was the normal thing when he was growing up but me not being his real grandson where as Phil and Simon were. To be honest I did collapse during but i was being put back up by him over and over again. Yes the picture was of put grandma who died so i can see the reason he would be upset but as everyone is saying yes he was over the top.

That's just awful! I could understand him being upset over that. But it was an accident, not something to warrant what he did. :-(

OfficerJoe- What you experienced was way over the top, BUT when we were growing up punishments were more severe. saying this your grandpa did not handle the situation well, but with much haste and anger.<br />
The strop is incredibly painful as it is, when used in a controlled spanking its extremely painful and not forgotten, but when given by someone who is angry and doesn't know when to stop its another ball game.<br />
Your grandpa seemed very rough with you and made me cry when read it, he should've calmed down a little and composed himself before beginning the punishment.<br />
I and my siblings were spanked growing up, some were more severe and we knew the pain afterwards believe me, but my Pa always did things in a way that was always safe. Firstly we would never undress, just bare the bottom half if being done on the bare, secondly he always remained composed and knew what he was doing, never gave more licks than he knew we could take and what was safe, was gentle with us, if we moved we were told gently to get back into position, if we didn't he would tell us again, if we still didn't, he'd make us face him and explain why. He never rushed us and if we told him we couldn't take nomore if it was a more severe punishment then he'd give us a few minutes to settle down again before he finished. Afterwards he would always hold us and love us and tell us he had to do it but didn't want to.<br />
He did have a temper mind and could be very scary, but he knew never to spank us then. He never once to my mind slapped or punched any of us kids, he would've been ashamed and mortified to do this, and I'm SO PLEASED you didn't punch your son (FROM YOUR OTHER STORY WITH THE TV), course you felt angry and that went through your mind but you were good enough parent to know not to cross that line. Your Grandpa was way over the top in my mind with the broken picture, but from his own childhood things were different again and he probably got beaten for any minor thing, i dont know and then that stayed with him.<br />
Beltings in the wrong hands can be abusive, but it seems as though you aren't a parent who spanks for any little thing and know how to control yourself and give a safe punishment- THIS MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE. <br />
We never had a tv growing up until abit later on, but if we had and one of us had cracked the screen like that, am pretty sure we'd have been out the shed getting a good spanking too. Sorry know this about tv is from your other post but thought mention it here.

For breaking a picture? Seriously?! That's **** up. The only time I got beat that bad was when my dad saw me with drugs -- though that's a totally different story.

That is a completely different thing i would probably strangle my boys if they ever touch drugs.
It was an interesting week though.

I am so sorry something horrible like this happened to you (and the twins, Heather). Good God... I think it's because of my grandfather doing something like this to my dad (his son) growing up that made my dad equate spanking with beating and violence and thus refuse to use it with me. I know he took the boys out to the woodshed. Never got any more details than that. My dad clammed up after that point of the story. At least your dad was there for you and supported you. Did your other brother ever get in trouble for it?

No because he was the youngest it was never him. Yeah i'm very happy that my dad was there for me and Phil, he went mental at grandpa because yes he gave permission to spank us but not like that.