The Worst Spanking I Ever Received And The Worst Spanking I Ever Gave

The worst spanking I ever received: I was about 8. A friend and I were hanging out in church, waiting for sunday school to start. For some silly reason, my friend and I were looking through a floor grate into the choir room. My father saw us and told me to get over to where he was. He asked what I was doing. I did not answer and he punched me in the stomach. He than spanked me. He than gave me 2 more punches followed by spankings.
He thought we were spitting on the people in the choir room. I might have deserved the spankings but not the punches. Punching a child is abuse and if that thought occured to me at that time, I probably would have tried to get him in trouble. Anyway: My father was my sunday school teacher that year so after the abuse, being pissed off at him about it, I had to sit and listen to him explain the Biblical story of Joseph, or some Old Testament story.

The worst spanking I ever gave: I was 22 and talking to my step-children, in my step-son's bedroom. My step-son, tried to kick me. Maybe I gave a great reason to try to kick me but I can not rememebr what it was. At the time, he was 11 and weighed about 90 pounds. I was 22 and 160 pounds or so. Anyway, after blocking my stepsons kick, I growled, "Trying to kick me huh!", or something very similar. I remember giving him 6 spankings. These particular spankings were not to his bare butt, but I have given both step-children bare butted spankings. Shortly after that, his mother was on the scene and his sister said, "He just spanked (him) very hard!" Her reply: "good! He deserved it! He had it coming!"
I left his bedroom for some reason and came back a few minutes later. When I returned he was still laying on top of his bed, on his stomach, with tears visibly rolling down his face.

Added very much later: The second part isn't actualy the worst spanking I ever gave, but it is the one I feel worst about whenever memories about it come into my mind.
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worst spanking i got was when i was 13 went behind the house an stole a smoke did not htink anyone would see me dad did he took me to the table bare my bottom an took his belt off an whip my bottom bad we had cousins over an aunts unles some cousin saw ohters just heard me

I agree, landongirl. Spankinga nd punching are 2 very different things. I did not mean to imply otherwise.

Your dad punching you in the stomach isn't discipline, its wrong.<br />
I grew up with spankings, but that was all, no slaps round face, punches, hits anywhere, as that is wrong. My Pa would be ashamed to read of a father doing that, esp one who is a sunday school teacher!<br />
There is a spanking and then there is hitting, they are different.