Saying No. Got Me A Spanking.

When I was little or was a teenager when my mom would ask me to come to her or was asked to do a task I would usually say NO. My mom would ask me again with the threat if I answered NO she would tell me I was going to my room for a well deserve spanking with the paddle follow by a mouth full of Dial (soap)YUCK.

I was given a trip over her knee's several times for giving the reply NO.

NO always got me in trouble along with a very sore red bottom. My mom knew how to put the sting on my bottom.
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You do deserve to be spanked for that

I used to blister my son's bottom with my paddle as well from about age 6 on up. He hated my paddle worse than anything and actually got into my panty drawer, where I kept it, one time and took it and hid it. I went and got a ping pong paddle off the game table in the basement and told him to undress because mom was about to play ping pong on his naked bottom. He was over my knee long enough (I was sitting in straight back spanking chair with him draped over my lap with his head down toward floor) that he got a headache in addition to his blistered bottom. After that, I sat on sofa to put him otk if it was going to be a long spanking.

I remember when I was younger getting my bottom warmed for saying no. I learnt real quick to start saying yes.

Your story about saying NO was very cute. I would have said "But mommy, in school they told me to JUST SAY NO!" <br />
<br />
And for sure, had I said that to my mom, she would have blistered my hiney with the hairbrush till I couldn't sit down. LOL

thanx .
tripdelta. No may be cute in this story but my moms hands was not on my poor bottom.