My Aunt

When I was around 8 I got my first spanking from my aunt. My aunt Rebecca was really nice and all but dont ever push her or you will get it from her.

One day my mom dropped me off at her house. After my mom left, i was really mad because I was supposed to have a day at the really big park with her but her boss called last second and said that there was something that came up. SO she left me at my Rebecca's house. My mom knew that I was in a grumpy mood and that if I gave her a problem she could spank me.

I asked her if she could go with me instead of mom to the park and picnic. She said no. That was when I threw a fit. "You b**** no one ever cares about me." Then I walked away. And that was when she caught my hand and asked me "what did you just say". I repeated what I said because I was just so angry. I didn't want to be stuck inside.

Go to the corner and think about what you just said to me we will talk about it later.

"NO" i said.

I'll give you one more chance. she said calmly. If you dont obey this time you will get a spanking.

I shurgged as I didn't care.

She sighed and marched me into the corner.

As soon as she left, I left the corner and turned the tv on. 10 minutes later my aunt came back.

" why are you out of the corner?" she demanded

I didn't reply and pretended that she wasn't there.

" I want an answer"

I still did not reply.

Why? I sighed and said that I didn't want to be in the corner.

Thats when she got really mad and dragged me over to the couch. Thats when I realized what was going to happen. I shouted and fought the whole way. She brought her arm high into the air and in a quick and sharp motion brought it down to my bottom. I yelped at the pain and my hand shot to my bottom. SHe slapped the other side of my bottom

Are you done fighting? she asked and I nodded.

She started to unbutton my jeans and I gasped. I tried to stop her but she slapped my hand and it shot away. She pulled my pants down and I startedo cry. She told me to say why was I going to get a spanking. I said " because I swore and I was being disobedient."

She accepted my answer and pulled me across her lap. She raised her hand and sharply spanked my right butt cheek, then the left and right again. I was caught off guard mom usually hits soft first then hard, but Aunt Rebecca gave me sharp and hard ones that stayed the same in stength. I was crying by the 15th or so. By the time she gave me at least 40 spanks she stopped and helped me up.

I was crying really hard. She went to the kitchen and came back with the wooden spoon. That was when I knew that she really wouldn't let anyone take the advantage with her.

"No please don't! I'm sorry! I won't ever do it again, I promise!"

My aunt came and put the spoon on the couch and gave a warm hug and promising that she wont hurt me anymore then what I deserved. She said to make sure not to repeat the same behaviors ever again she would have to spank me with the wooden spoon. I thought I was going to faint right there.

She dragged me across her lap again and pulled down my panties. My cheeks turned really red I was so embarrassed by that.

She started spanking. She spanked my right then my left then my right again. By the 5th or so spank, I was screaming and pleading for all of it to stop. I had stop fighting and let free and just cry. By the time she got to the 20th spank or so she stopped and helped me up. Then she gave me a warm hug and reassuring that she loved me and told me to make sure that it will never happen again. I nodded and buried myself into her arms.

No way was I ever going to do it again. After the 15 min. I stayed in her arms I finally stopped crying and my breathing was normal. I looked up to her and said " Im sorry, are you still mad at me?".

My aunt smoothed my hair and said I was forgiven. Then she asked if I wanted to watch a movie and I happily took her offer and went. Then later my mom came back and thats when the trouble starts again......

TO BE CONTINUED...................
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how much time did you suffered the painafter so terrible spanking

really on which age too much pain how much time

is it true or did youmade this story like fiction

i'll write the story soon but yes I still got in trouble.....

I hope you didn't get spanked more by your mom, though it sounds like you did. :( That was plenty in my opinion.

Great story. Can't wait to hear the rest. Wooden spoon or hairbrush is the worst. I was seventeen the first time I felt it.

You will find out soon....