My Sister Takes Over

From my childhood itself i used to tease and irritate my younger sister. She hated it and she used to complain to aunt and neighbor lady and they used to punish me by spanking me and making me wear panties. But it didn't stop me from doing these things.

One day aunt came home and asked me to wear the lace panties she had gifted me. When i came back wearing it, neighbor lady, her 3daughters and my sister were there. Then aunt and neighbor started the lecture. They told me how bad my behavior was and how my behavior was unruly for a big brother. Then they said that it was my ego being elder brother that's making me do these and told me that things were going to change as now they were giving my sister permission to discipline me at her will as her younger brother. I was shocked by these and more shocks were yet to come. Neighbor lady asked me to lie down on my sister's lap, and my sister with huge smile was calling me. But then aunt stopped her and she told that i must be spanked naked. Neighbor lady opposed this as she didn't want to let her girls to see me naked. But then my mom who was enjoying these from kitchen uttered most humiliating thing- "don't worry Jane, you know that he's quite small down there, you girls won't have urge for sex seeing that. I hope that they won't laugh at it." neighbor lady gladly agreed and asked me to Drop my panties, i didn't do that but then they threatened to tell my friends about these things and i had to drop my panties. My aunt was right, the 2 elder girls laughed when they saw my penis, the younger one-girl of my age did not laugh because she did not know the size or an ordinary penis.
Then aunt asked me to lie on my sister's lap and she pushed me to her lap. My sister spanked me about 20 times, whole time they were cheering for her making her enjoy spanking me and do it whole heartedly.
Next it was the chance for the 3 girls. The younger one decided not to spank me, the rest were waiting for a chance. While i laid on their lap The 2 elder girls placed my penis between their legs and that made my penis hard, standing up with my penis hard was embarrassing. I couldn't even think about hiding it because i was feeling as he my butt was on fire and i couldn't stop myself from rubbing it :-) They stayed for 2more hours talking and whole the time i was naked.
After this incident things really changed at home, now when i irritate her or walk at home with erect penis (am a home nudist) she warns me at first and then she grabs me to her lap and spanks me with flat wooden spoon. My parents say nothing about it and act as if she has the right to do it and I must admit SHE DOES SCARE ME AND SHE DOES THAT IN RIGHT WAY :-)
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Thanks for sharing. I am also fascinated with stories of boys being spanked by girls, especially when the girl puts the boy over her bare lap. Thanks!

its never too late to start receiving spankings ;-)

How old were you when this happened? Were any of then nude at the time? I don't remember getting the wood spoon but do remember my sister getting it.I usually got the hand and my borther got the razor strap. Ouch!

now i am 20 yr old and this happened last year and i was 19.
no, none of them have never appeared nude or topless infront of me.

Yes my stepdad use to spank me a lot when I was young, but for some reason it didnt change me all that much. He wanted me to spank myself once and I sort of got a kick out of it. I still do it to myself as hard as I dare and my cheeks get quite red, so I guess you can say that I seem to enjoy giving myself some pleasure. What do you think. Your friend Paddle.

i've never tried to spank myself.
have you shared those stories in ep?

Hello Deep4u: You seem to have a lot of fans that have similar experiences. Yes I agree humiliation does hurt more then the actual spanking itself. When I was about 9 yo I spent the summer with one of my dads friends families. They had 3 girls and 2 boys around my age. As they got to know me they dreamed ways to get me into trouble with their mother. So the mother would lay me over and pull my pants down and spank me and the other kids would watch through the windows. I think they enjoyed watching because anything of the slightest that I did theyd go tell their mother. And so another spanking and theyd be at the windows again. I guess I got to enjoy it myself because there wasnt a day go by that I wasnt getting a spanking for some trumped up thing I did or so it seemed. Well anyway I feel for you and I hope the rest of your life goes better.

i feel too much frightened when i get spanked but once its over i like it.
i think that i've started enjoying the fear and humiliation

Hello Deep4u. I bet you will have more respect for your sisters from now on. Having to wear panties and getting naked in front of them is embarassing for sure with your penis hanging down. I wouldnt be surprised if they didnt see something else too. I surely would be ashamed to have girls look at my naked body but when Id get an erection I might start to enjoy being looked at. I think Id kind of like being spanked by girls. I still like being naked around the house whether there was anyone there or not.

I love stories about boys being taken across the knees of younger girls. Especially true when the girls are wearing soft long socks or tights.

What is the size of your penis?

2 inches :-(

such great time wearing panties and getting spanked in front of others such turn on and humiliation at the same time!!!

Odd but great story. Sounds exciting yet humiliating. Was it?

Yes i feel humiliated and fear when she does that, but its a kind of exciting after that

I hear ya n understand

Oh..sorry...dear for your bad experience.

I had this problem before

What was the problem?

Obviously your getting the punishment they think you deserve, do they let you go into the other room to stroke your tiny penis or make you do it in front of everyone.

No, they do not let me ***. I get to *** only when neighbour lady ****'s my *** with her ***** and butt plug. I've shared that story in ep.

I like to be caned by females!

Who canes you?

My wife.

Love your new story. I was wondering when your younger sister was going to join in?<br />
It's cool, I think they really do want to feminize you, rather than just a punishment. Hey you know my story. I understand it well, but would be embarrassed naked in front on all those girls. I remember you stating that you did not want to do this forever/dress up always.<br />
Maybe you could re-consider. For example you could wear a butt plug with silk panties, a black satin slip-over your regular clothes. For me you may recall my dress style. Boardshorts with satin panties and a butt plug, satin top over my music tee shirt, and flip flops. When outdoors you might give it a try. for me I am usually quite hard and aroused wearing this outfit.<br />
Maybe indoors-being a home nudist you might enjoy a butt plug with a strap. This will hold it in place for you. It will give you complete freedom, without any worry of it falling out.<br />
Let my know how it works out? Great to hear from you! Have a good weekend...

Some men talk about how they would get and erection when they were getting spanked. When i was young, i can only remember one time having an woody while being spanked. It was because i was that way before it started and the lady who spanked me was the one i was watching get undressed. When i was spanked, even when i was naked for it, it was because i was being disciplined not sexually stimulated. Think about it. Singapore canes men out doors naked. Do you think they get sexually excited. I don't.

Till what age does men get caned naked?

That's great and it is nice to hear that your sisters are taking control. Hopefully they will do more to feminize you.

I too would love to be humiliated in front if little girls.

Love the humiliation, forced crossdressing, and basically serving the girls but the spanking does nothing for me. I am fine that it works for you but I would be finding things that pleased these girls, Aunt, & Mother so that they may eventually take me further into my femininty. That is just me though.

You, Darling, are now in Training to be a submissive sissy to the women in your life. And it's time to start wearing more than just panties. Might I suggest lipstick, nylons and high heels. I know you had to wear them at a party, but it start to become more everyday for you. Start wearing them around your home.

that was exciting getting spank by your sister an your aunt an her daughters all at once<br />
dnot to mention humilated about your smal penis<br />
been there myself many times i know how you feel

Sometimes when sister finds that i've done something wrong and deserves spanking she waits till i go to neighbour's home. Then she comes there and along with the 3girls she tells me how bad my behaviour was and how i deserve spanking and they follow that with many humiliating dialogues. And when i do not agree to get spanked my sister points to my penis and makes small penis sign and tells that eventhough am 19 she does n't find me as grown up because i've a penis that look like a 13yr's penis. And eventually i get spanked every time.

Well&lt; I once have seen my sister got spanked and now reading this, I wished that had turned her into that what your sister became, unfortunately she didn't. I loved to read this story and I must say: "wow, what a lucky person you are to have such a sister and such good neighbourgirls