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Spanked On Thighs

I was spanked quite frequently, like my siblings. I got it on the bare, mostly from my father. When I was 13, I became aware of the fact, that during my spanking , mostly in the OTK position, I revealed a lot of my „ private parts“.
One day, when a spanking was announced to me, I openly adressed my parents, saying quite frankly, how embarrassed I was about displaying so much of what I would prefer to hide.
They understood at once and absolutely took it very serious. My father was so concerned that he considered to cancel my spanking completely. But I felt I really needed it. We discussed our problem and I remembered a friend of mine, who told me that she gets spanked on her thighs, never on her bottom, for reasons of modesty.
We found, this could be a solution of our problem, and we decided to try. In the evening Dad came up to my room, and we discussed my punishment. It was a little bit strange, me explaining him how I should be punished, based on what I learned from my friend. So he finally did it this way: Me sitting on my bed, he sitting in front of me on a chair, facing me. I have one foot on the chair, skirt pushed up, but panties still in place, so that my upper thigh is in a horizontal position, easily accessible to his hand and evtl. punishment implements. My upper thigh would be relaxed, kind of “wobbly“. Then he would slap my upper thigh, preferably the inner side, with his hand or a wooden ruler. As the skin there is really sensitive, he doesnt need to slap vigorously. Once he is finished, my upper thighs are rosy red at the inner side, but the colouration would fade during the night.
Big advantage of this method is, that the spanker looks directly into your eyes during the punishment, and can see from your facial expression, whether or not he spanks hard enough ( resp. not hard enough). On the other hand it is embarrassing to look into your spankers eyes while receiving the slaps. But we understand that embarrassment is part of punishment.
All siblings then changed from bare bottom spankings to thigh slappings, once they turned 13. They all looked forward impatiently for the day of change, and were proud when they got their first thigh slapping, because it marked the first step to getting adult from our point of view.
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Don't you think it's more painful on bare thighs than on bare bottom?

Basically yes, but one would not smack the thighs, esp. the inside of upper thighs, being so soft and smooth and tender, with as much force like smacking the bare bottom.

My parents were religious, so it didn't matter at all to them when I turned 13. Daddy still spanked me on my bare bottom well beyond that age. He said that was the Christian Way to do it.

Once any child turns 13 or so then they should be able to self discipline and if they miss behaved then it was pointed out that they were only showing themselves up and in the main they knew the boundries and stuck to the lines and not crossed them.

A lovely account of paternal discipline. But when I advise families with teen girls nowadays, they often (either the dad or daughter) take up my suggestion of a thong, which reveals the target area perfectly, wobbling and reddening, while preserving the modesty of the culprit :-)

I'm glad it worked for you, but if embarrassment is part of punishment, then why not just continue with the familiar spanking position? And why couldn't you be spanked OTK with your panties still in place? I also find it hard to relate to a young teenager who feels they really need spankings. But thanks for the interesting story.

Well they had seen you nude your whole life. Not sure how this should have made a difference. Just my opinion.

I used to get my thighs smacked in infants' school. I had to stand next to the teacher while she lifted the hem of my skirt and smacked my legs. As I got older it was the slipper and then the cane. At home I got it bare, often in front of my brothers or male relatives and friends. I saw them get it too. We weren't concerned with modesty then.

Wow! Fascinating. Your lucky your parents listened to you, and I thought it was really responsible of you to not let your dad back out of spanking you. Really great account.<br />
<br />

I believe it depends on whether or not you feel your parents love while being spanked. If yes, it should not be really detrimental.

You are lucky your parents understood you. My parents quit spanking altogether by 13. I never got a bare-butt spanking.<br />
<br />
Frankly, I see spanking as glorified hitting and Univ. of Manitoba came out with a study tying frequent spankings to mental issues later in life.