Over The Knee And Through The Woods, To Grandfather's Woodshed We Go

The woodshed has loomed in my memory for I don't know how long. I am a 23 year old woman who is taking my first year of medical school. However, I still am dead scared of the woodshed. I have two brothers, grandparents on my father's side, and an uncle with my aunt and three cousins. My parents died in Afghanistan, and I was in the custody of my wonderful brother Jason. He was always my father, and always will be. Allan was the joker in the family, and since we lived in Shrewsbury, he loved annoying the poor nuns, or waitresses at the Dun cow (Pub). I swear they didn't have a clue where the bloody hell all the plum stones were falling from and hitting them in the head. He enjoyed climbing the roofs and spitting plum stones at nuns or waitresses. He and I got the best ideas. We usually knew better than to mess around with grandfather or uncle, Jason would give us a spanking if we did it more than once, but grandfather and Uncle charles were harsh. Uncle Charles was the son of grandfather and the brother of father. We had no relatives on my mother's side.
We went to Nottingham to visit grandpa and grandmamma. We were usually on our best behaviors, but this time we just got the best idea again. Jason had just dropped us off at our grandparents, and then he was off and back to oxford. He had to study, I remember he had a test or something. Allan thought it would be hilarious if we played a trick on grandpa by calling him and leaving a joker message. It was the classic ding-dong-ditch strategy. We would say our piece over the phone while outside, then hang up and act like nothing had happened. So we tried it, and holy mother of god and all her whacky nephews we found out where our uncle got the ideas from. Our uncle had given us a whooping once for stealing horses and taking them to the creek. We had never been whipped with belts before, but we sure never disobeyed our uncle again. Our grandparents were the sweetest old people ever, and still loved each other like they were newly weds. They sure weren't afraid to swing a cane though.
"Hello this is the sears company. Is your refrigerator running?" Allan said into the phone.
"No, but you better Allan, because I'm gonna blister your ***." A voice said behind us. I froze in terror. Me and Allan exchanged a look and then looked up. There was our grandfather with his hands on his hips and a glare like thunder. He was so angry he turned white. It was in the middle of winter and you can't even imagine how cold it was. Snow was falling like mad, but a direct and concentrated beam of heat seemed to be coming from his eyes that crackled with electricity. He pulled us both up by the collars and took us to the woodshed. We had had woodshed experience before at our uncles, who also used the woodshed, but our uncle said that the spanking he gave us was about one fifth of the spanking he'd have gotten. I remembered this and it dwelled on my mind as he dragged my poor bum into the woodshed for a merciless spanking. We had it coming, don't get me wrong, but grandpa grew up in a different age, and took pranks very seriously.
He threw us down in the woodshed and began to yell his head off about respect and manners. We listened in stunned silence, or rather scared silence. Allan and I were exchanging looks again. He was the older brother, so he would be the one who got it the worst. Not to mention it was his idea in the first place, but grandpa was one of those "I don't care who started it, I'll finish it!" Unfortunately, his "endings" always started and ended with the thrashing of a lifetime. He was not a sweet and kind as our uncle, he was down right mad at us. He definitely isn't coddle us and tell us he loved and cherished his beloved grandchildren and would just like to teach us a lesson that was memorable. In fact, the memorable thing was him whipping my behind with jut about anything in the book. He told us he loved us the day after the beating, and we would hug and never do whatever stupid thing we had done again. He was really a great grandpa, just very strict. I don't blame him, we were a handful.
"Bend over now!" he yelled. I did immediately, but Allan hesitated, which earned him a slap on the leg with grandpa's belt. he had already taken it off and was threatening to whip Allan where he stood if he didn't bend the hell over that instant. Allan screamed and held his leg, but bent over in a flash. We were bent over two chairs and saw the ominous strap hanging in the corner. My blood froze and a shiver went through my body. I twitched and squirmed, knowing that my pants would be ripped down and a spanking was inevitable. I had learned from my uncle that it was useless arguing, and that it was better if I just took the lashes, or "licks" as he called them. I will admit we had an odd family. We were english and lived in england, except for my uncle who had married a beautiful girl in texas who was a professor at Arlington university. He was a forensic anthropologist, and my brother was a doctor in training, but my grandfather was a professional loving grandaddy, and a professional *** whipper. Great combination huh?
"Choose a number between one and ten." he said. I knew it would be the number of lashes we got, I could figure that much for a ten year old. So naturally I said 1.
"Well then you are going to get ten with the belt, ten with the cane, and fifty with my bare hand Understand?" he said. Oh shite I had screwed myself now. I was too busy contemplating over my own fate when Allan wanted to be a smart *** and chose zero.
"Congratulations, you've just won yourself one hundred lashes boy! You're getting thirty with the belt, thirty with a cane, thirty with a hairbrush, and ten with my hand." He shouted. My brother the smart aleck, sometimes I think if I were in grandpa's position, I would give him a hundred with each!
"You can go first since you're so eager!" He yelled at Allan. He started to cry, at the age of thirteen, he began to cry before the belt hit him. I saw out of the corner of my eye that he was raising the belt high over his head to bring down on Allan's unprotected and vulnerable bum. I closed my eyes as it swished through the air and landed with a sharp and crisp smack that mad amy insides turn with sickness. Allan screamed involuntarily and gasped, grabbing his behind and trying to stifle the pain. My grandpa was furious. He yanked Allan up by the hair and pulled him over his knee. He gave him four or five very hard spankings on his bum, all the while Allan's screaming could be heard miles away. It was a good thing we were out in the middle of nowhere. He set him back not he chair and told him if he put his hand over his bum again, he would get fifty more tomorrow. He nodded and sobbed out a "Yes Sir." Every hard smack that landed on his bum afterwards brought a cry from allan. I couldn't believe the belt was going to hit my bum that hard. I just could't believe it, and I was shaking with fear, praying for it to all be over. I was crying even before the belt hit me. Allan had been pulled over grandpa's knee and been given the hardest spanking anyone has ever gotten. The cane scared me the most, since it actually lacerated the skin, and drew blood. The hairbrush also sounded evil. I couldn't watch but I heard the cries elevate to be louder and his begs for mercy increase with desperation. I thought of running. The door was not locked, I bet I could run far away, right? No. I started to run for it, just as Allan's spanking finished and he was sobbing. Grandpa was giving him a hug and telling him it was all over and would soon be a part of the past. I ran for it and ran right into Jason. Oh shite I thought again, Jason had warned me if I acted up at grandpa's, a spanking there would mean a spanking at home, same as school. he grabbed me but he hair and asked me if what grandma had said was true. I sobbed yes, and he took me back into the woodshed and grandpa was yelling at me that I was getting five more with his bare hand. I looked up at Jason and begged him not to let grandpa do it. I held onto his leg and cried for mercy. Jason took off his own belt and gave me a lash on the back.
He told me if I didn't get up and apologize to grandpa and take my punishment that he would give me such a hard whipping that I wouldn't be able to sit down for weeks. I was scared of grandpa, but not of Jason, he had always been serious, but far more lenient too. I sobbed and he gave me another lash. I held on tight, and another lash landed.
"Get up and go apologize now!" he yelled. I was really frightened now, Jason never yelled, ever. I got up and went back down on my knees. I said I was sorry and that I would never do it again. He said that I would learn to respect elders and rules. I bent over the chair and Jason took Allan into the house for a lecture, followed by another lecture, followed by a spanking, then hugs, then bed. Grandpa was not about to go easy on me because I was his granddaughter, or because I was a girl, in fact, he went full out and beat my bum. I got so tired of trying to fight the pain I eventually just let it hit me and absorbed the pain. That was for the belt anyway, when the cane hit me, I was wide awake and screaming my head off. I squirmed and begged and writhed and cried, but he hit me with the cane hard and fast.
Finally came he over the knee spanking, and I was all cried out. he pulled me over his knee and spanked my red arse raw, well, more raw than it was to begin with. I cried over his knee for a little when the spanking was over. I didn't want to move, so I received my lecture right then and there, over his knee. He told me I was a good girl, and a wonderful granddaughter, but that I was going to learn that prank calls were wrong, and a serious offense. He explained that if he had gotten that during a meeting, or gran got the wrong idea and thought it was a stalker, or that the thing was a waste of time and very rude. He was really mad, but after he explained why he did it, I felt like such a lucky kid that my grandpa cared. At least, that is what I feel now. Then I was probably thinking something along the lines of: "You ******!" When he stood me up and took me into the house, my brother was waiting to give his long and ceremonious lecture on how I had promised to behave myself, and that I had broken that promise disappointed him. I was heartbroken. Needless to say, he was my hero and role model, and when he gave me that look of disappointment, I would rather have taken a thousand spankings. He told me that me and my brother needed to behave, and that we were going to spend the rest of the winter holidays with our grandparents. He pulled me into a hug, and said he wasn't going to spank me on an already bruised bum. I burst into new tears which I had not thought possible since I had been crying for the past hour. I fell into his arms and we hugged. He enveloped me in a wonderful embrace, then tucked me into bed and told me he loved me.
The rest of our stay at grandpa and grandma's was totally fun, and I enjoyed it so much. Jason let me sit on his lap t breakfast because, skinny though he was, it was still better than having my bruised bum touch the wooden chair. My Grandpa and I had a lot of fun, he would throw me up in the air and catch me again, and I think it was his lesson that made me an adult. I loved my grandparents, and my brothers. I even loved Allan, although he got me into more trouble than it was worth.

The End

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A licking in the woodshed - just like the fictional stories I read when I first got on the internet at 15 wow.<br />


Jason was not exactly the softie I made him out to be. i am posting the story of when I made him really mad, and boy did he teach me a lesson. Love him dearly though I do, that spanking really sticks out in my mind.