Sneaking Out Wasnt The Best Thing To Do

i was 14 and it was my first party and of course i wanted to go but my parents said no so when they were asleep i snuck off,well when they found out they must have charged off to the party when they got there i was already tipsey and hanging out with some people from a "bad crowd" my father yelled my name so i ran i ended up slaming into a cop who was called for a noise complaint i was taken in and gotten out the same day,well when i was being dragged home a few boys from the party stuck around(i liked 2 of the 3)well they followed us home being quite sneaky,so when we finnaly got home i got 15 with the strop and came out crying ,well my father went to the bush they were hiding in to get a switch,they were on the track team and 2 escaped but he did catch one who was dragged into the house then i recieved the switch in another room he took the boy to the woodshed and gave him some with the strop how many i dont know i wasnt there,then when his father came he got 20 or so more with his fathers belt

really akward on as well,whats even more akward is that we ended up dating for 2 years then when i went to finland when i was age 18.he was going to propose but i was already gone then early in my trip he called and told me he cheated on me so i decided that if hes cheating on me after one week then i meant my now husband in the same week and im very happily maried and in a way it wouldnt have happened if he didnt cheat on me while in a different country
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it was very strict too much for me other solution to punish