First Time With The Hairbrush.

When I was a kid, I used to get spanked. It would always be with my mother or father's hand, and it was usually on my panties, until I started 7th grade, I was 12 (my birthday is in June, i was always young for the school years.) Anyways, I wasn't always fantastic at math, but I'd still manage to pull at least a C, and I never really asked for help. One day, we were in class and the teacher announced that there would be a test the next day, and that we should get some sleep earlier than usual, so we'd be refreshed when we arrived at school the next day, which I, quiet stupidly, ignored. I woke up after about 4 hours of sleep, got dressed, and went to school... already pretty nervous that I was gonna fail, long story short, I got a little under half of the questions right, which means I failed. I was so scared to tell my parents, so I didn't. When I got home, I started my usual routine, food, homework, then I watched a little TV. My school had called my mother and said that I had gotten an F in math, and my mom was furious. She walked up to me and told me to go to my bedroom and wait for her... I knew what was going to happen next. When she came up to me, she told me to go into her room and grab her wooden hairbrush. This was the first time I had ever gotten spanked with anything other than her hand, so I was reluctant at first. She then repeated her self, "Get. My. Hairbrush. Now." I was shaking, and I went into her room to grab her hairbrush. It was a wooden brush with a nice, flat square head on it... it looked like it would sting, and man, it did. I gave it to her, and then she unbuttoned my pants and slid them off of me. I started to bend over, but she stopped me, and then pulled off my panties and then pulled me over her lap. I was terrified and embarrassed, it was awful. Tears had already started to fall from my eyes, and the spanking hadn't even started yet. Then, it started. The first whack was the most painful experience I had gone through as a child, it stung really badly. I was already kicking and screaming. My mother had said that if I didn't stop, I'd get more. The next one came down even harder, I was wriggling and kicking and thrashing, anything to try and get away. Then another 8 more had hit me, and my mother said that I had to get another ten because I was wriggling so much. After about 4 minutes, it was all over, my mom let me up, said the whole "That hurt me way more than it hurt you" line, and then gave me a hug and kissed me. I put my panties and jeans back on, and she gave me one last swat on my butt before walking out of my room. Then, for the next few minutes or so, I just sat there, rubbing my sore butt and crying. It stung for the next few days, and boy was it red. I felt I deserved it though, and I learned from the whole experience. I might post some more in the near future.
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Do you like to get spanked now?

I don't get spanked anymore... they stopped once I turned 16, I only got it once when I was 15, so it's been awhile. xP

I know how the hairbrush stings especially bare, as I got it to 16 1/2. You said that was your first time with the hairbrush were there other times and until how old?<br />

There were some other ones, but I they stopped when I was like 14 or 15..

Better late than never as they say.

Honestly, if it would've been the usual, hand on the undies I don't think I would've taken as much away from the whole experience. I feel without it I wouldn't have buckled down and started to focus.

Did your marks improve? In my youth, doing your best at school was the most important thing in child life, and bad marks, if attributed to not doing your best, were the most frequent reason of a "very good" spanking; well described by you. For most of the kid victims, this sharp wake up call resulted in a vastly improved performance!

Indeed they did, that was about the time I buckled down and started to focus.. I think I pulled a B the next semester haha.