My First Spanking

I was two years old, and I was running all around my house like crazy. Mom told me to stop running, and I stopped until she left the room, then ran around again... I then heard, "Paulina, stop running, you could hurt yourself." I ignored her, and kept on running around. I got one last warning: "Paulina, if you don't stop, I'll spank your butt." Up until then all I got was spanking threats so I didn't even care, I just kept running. As I was making another loop around my mother grabbed me and said, "I warned you." And I immediately started crying.. my mom kneeled down, leaned me over against her shoulder, and started to spank me with her hand it wasn't very hard, 'cause I was only two, but it was enough to have me startled, and crying. The whole spanking lasted about 45 seconds and then she put me back up right, and then gave me two last swats on either cheek, something that from then on would happen after every single spanking I got. My mom then told me to stop running or I'd get more, and that she did that because she loved me and I could've fallen and gotten hurt. Then she gave me a hug, and sent me back out on my way.

I'm sorry that I can't remember most of the details, but I was 2 years old. I hope you enjoyed nonetheless. :)
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You remember all that from when you were 2 years old? Wow that's amazing!

That's pretty much the earliest memory I have. I don't know exactly how old I was, I know it was around that point in time,

Plus, I have older siblings and they like to poke fun at the times that I was punished as a child. :/ I guess that's their jobs.

You don't want to know what my two year old memories are