My Cousin And I

Growing up with a cousin who's your age can be really fun. I used to love going over there to play with her, we share a lot of good memories (and spankings) together. I'll be sharing two of such spankings with you today, in order of when they happened. My mom would always drop me off over at my Aunt Lisa's house so I could play with her daughter Emily, and I knew that Emily was spanked, and I knew that, should I misbehave, she could spank me as well. One day, when we were both ten years old, we wanted to go to the park to play on the swings, so we asked my aunt if we could go, and she said that we had to wait because it was almost dinner time, and she wanted us to eat first... that, for some reason to this day we still dont understand, wasn't good enough, so we just left the house without telling anyone. We were only there for maybe 20 minutes before we got bored and set off for home. Aunt Lisa asked us where we'd been, 'cause she was looking everywhere for us (literally, she told us she walked up and down the block trying to find us) and we'd said that we were at the park, she just sighed, and grabbed us both by the arms. She brought us into Emily's room and told us that we were to be spanked. Since she was her daughter, Emily was first. Aunt Lisa grabbed her daughter's arm and brought her over to her. She pulled her over her knee and lifted her skirt up. She then started to spank Emily on her panties with her hand. Emily was crying and sooner-than-later, after about five slaps, it was done, she let her up, and then kissed her and said that she deserved every slap. Emily wiped her tears, and said that she was sorry, and went into her corner. Then, Aunt Lisa motioned for me to come over to her, so I walked up to her and she pulled down my pants, but left my panties on. I was pulled over her lap and given another five swats before I was let up and sent to the corner next to Emily. We were on "time out" for 15 minutes, before we were let out to go play again. That was the last one we got together for while... Until we were 12 nearing our 13th birthdays and we went to the gas station (Emily and I), long story short, we got caught trying to steal two bottles of Pepsi. The owner hadn't called the cops, instead, since he was a friend of our parents, called them. My aunt had come to pick us up and said that my mom and dad were at work, and my mom would deal with me when she picked me up later, I thought this was good at the time, but turns out... it wasn't. When we got back to her house, Emily and I were told to meet Aunt Lisa in her office. She had this beautiful office room with two wooden doors with glass in the middle of them, and shiny gold handles. Inside, there was her desk, computer, chair, and a cased-in shelf that she had put different nick-knacks on, along with her collage and highschool diploma. We were both standing in there, and we'd both known what was going to happen next. When our Aunt walked into her office, she told us to take off our pants and panties and get over her lap. This was probably only like the second or third bare bottom I'd ever gotten, and it'd been around the time that we were both going through puberty and we were really hesitant at first, I guess just we were just sensitive over our changing bodies. Aunt Lisa then said, "I'm not going to tell you again..." so Emily unbuttoned her pants and slipped off her panties, becoming naked from the was down, and was brought over her mother's lap, then Aunt Lisa looked at me and said, "And you too, Paulina... I'm not going to start this until you do, and the longer I wait, the worse off your butts are." So, with my hands shaking, I unbuttoned my pants, and wishing more than anything that I had shaved down there, my panties. With us both ready, Aunt Lisa then said that we'd both be getting 20 with her hand. She started on Emily *SMACK SLAP WHACK SWAT SWAT SLAP SPANK* and Emily's behind was turning pink after only seven swats, which gave me an idea how hard that I was to be spanked in a minute. When she had her twenty, Emily was let up and I saw tears streaming down her face, she was put in the office corner while I got mine. Nervously, I walked up the tall office chair that had my aunt sitting in it, and I was brought over her knee. She then started spanking me... hard. After the first few I was already in tears, and the pain was only getting worse. I remember around the 13th I let out a loud yelp and she said, "Quiet girl, you're not getting out of this." She alternated between each cheek, giving five at a time, until the magic number of twenty had been reached at which time I jumped up and started rubbing my behind. Emily and I walked out, went into her room and cried together. After about two hours, my mom knocked on the bedroom door. When I answered it, she popped me on the butt and grabbed my hand. I didn't even get to say goodbye before i was dragged out of the room, out the door and in the car. On the way home my mother told me that I was "going to get it when we got home" and I pleaded and begged for it not to happen. "No, mommy please, no. I already got it from Auntie Lisa," I begged. She ignored me, and sure enough, I was brought into my room and told to drop my pants. I obeyed and my grabbed my arm, and gave me ten slaps on my panties standing up, which felt like hands of fire on my already-sore butt. She then told me to take my panties off and I started begging her not to again, "No mom, no, please.. not bare bottom," and put my hands on the seat of my panties. My mom just reached down and pulled them down to my knees gave me another ten on my bare bottom. I put back on my pants and panties and got the usual last two before my mom turned around and walked out. The first thing I did was inspect the damage, I guess you could say. My plump bottom was a dark red color and extremely tender. I put on my pajamas, and then went to sleep, which was hard after you had just gotten your butt slapped.

Sorry this was long too, haha. I'll try to post more later.
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It's not too long at all. It is a well written good story. I like it. :)

Two bare bottom spankings in one day!!!

They weren't that bad.